The David Copperfield Conspiracy


We’re very excited to have booked a Destination Creation ‘field trip’ to fabulous Las Vegas. We were even more excited to have gotten seats for David Copperfield’s show, when we heard he was arrested for being involved in a creepy and bizarre conspiracy.

We knew it wasn’t his creative integration of Enigma and Genesis classics into his show that allowed him to mesmerize all the girls. But our theory crediting his beautiful, thick, flowing eyebrows was proven wrong when the studio was called on to touch up proofs for his new advertising campaign.

While it is a current trend for celebrities to market their own fragrances, Mr. Magic’s line truly is mesmerizing. A revealing design is pictured below with an apparently overlooked label malfunction.

David Copperfield Secret Perfume

Not creeped out enough? Play an interactive magic game with Copperfield here.

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