Britney’s ‘Big’ Comeback

If you witnessed Britney’s disappointing performance at the ’07 VMA’s, you most likely saw it on television. For those of you who have high-definition sets, you may have clearly noticed that she’s put on a few lately. But even the most clearest of TV’s couldn’t provide you with the true picture.

While Criss Angel’s role in her performance may have been unclear, the following image, exclusive to DC, reveals Britney Spears as seen without the illusionist’s smoke and mirrors.


Comment Breakdown:
8% get it
12% like to state the obvious
70% actually seem offended
10% need help

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160 thoughts on “Britney’s ‘Big’ Comeback”

  1. U r so ride she may not be the best perosn in the world but u have eyes and they are not blind u can tell that is not her u just took someones body or used hers to stretch it lout and make her look fat and she is not


  3. I never completely like britney but leave her alone even if she was putting on weight ur her fans u would have to still love her because then u wouldn’t be true fans!!

  4. The real sad part of all this is Britney just looked like a healthy woman instead of the usual stick figures that are in the industry. A healthy woman and people call her fat …is it any wonder why kids as young as 7 are having eating disorders when they get bombarded with these perverse messages from the gutter media?…

  5. Thats really mean
    i mean sure the performance wasn’t that good but it was okay you dont have to make fun of her guys come on.
    so if your walkin on the street and some takes a pic of you and make you obese how you you feel? not good so imagine how she feels. it all you guys fault she goes throgh this. im not saying i like bitany. ive just seen crule things and this is at the top of my list.

  6. Im am so sick and tired of this crap. The media loves to take women that are perfectly normal in size and rip them apart. I guess everyone is supposed to look like they throw up after they eat like Paris Hilton. God forbid we have any normal size women as role models. Lets shame brittney so she starves herself so much that she look like everyone else. I think she looked hot…***k everyone else…she can wear what she wants

  7. It is easy to look at her performance and see that it wasn’t her best…a little on the trashy side for a mother of two, but you have to feel sorry for the girl. I mean she is obviously not well, and anyonw who suffers from depression knows how bad it makes you feel. I don’t agree w/most of Britney’s ways, but I will pray for her b/c she needs it. Also, fo having TWO kids back to back…she is NOT fat!! She looked pretty damn good, I thought!

  8. she’s pretty why would a frikin person do that i but it’s photo shopped!
    you can so tell! :X

    So what if she really was fat– you should frikin see what they put in the magazine that “she” wrote!

    Crying- “I looked like a fat pig!”

  9. I am getting tired of this to just like leisha!

    Frikin Vanessa Pornographic pictures WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW how gay is this to have girls at frikin age 16 do that!
    How retarted

    Photoshopping- lieing about false statements- and in magazines fake pictures- What is this crazyness! SEriously what aobut the stupid thing where they said owen wilson tried to commit suicide some true some false it’s bad and WRONG and even the littlest think like… un-even tans or the tiniest bump on a womans stomach sayin’ their “pregnat” omg STOP IT

  10. Everyone REALLY needs to leave the poor girl alone!!! Yes, she has problems, but who doesn’t??? This photo is sooo photoshopped. The girl is NOT fat. She actually has curves!!! Before you decide to make fun of her, remember that she is someones momma and just think, you would not want someone making fun of your momma…right!?!?

  11. Umm… lol photoshopped.. you can tell the color of the face and body are TOTALLY different and the very fine back lining around the body suggests the body was clipped out most likely of a picture.

  12. Man …the collective I.Q of you brainiacs who have to tell us that this picture is photoshopped wouldn’t add up to 50.
    We know it’s photoshopped…It’s called exaggerating the fact that she is not as trim as she once was. She looks more mentally messed up then physically…that girl has some big time issues.

  13. you people are really sick¡¡¡ and thats so sad because that means that youre need some attention and your life its so pathetic that you need do this things to get what you need… you have to do another things to make your life less sad¡¡¡ fuck all of you

  14. um, guess what assholes. The photoshopping was part of the joke. they weren’t trying hoodwink you. Britney and her team are a white hot mess so it’s funny to make fun of her. she’s a disaster. Millionaires who are idiots are easier comedy fodder. I feel really sorry for her. But not so sorry for her as I do myself since I’m NOT A MILLIONAIRE. come on.

  15. WTF is wrong with u people!sure britneys got problems but thats f***ked dosnt matter if she isnt pencil skinny nobodys pencil skinny and healthy!im sick of this crap
    and f***k who did it!

  16. hey you guys britney is not fat at all!!! she is finally eating normal meals!! because of you ppl there are so many anorexic girls in hollywood! she probably is the only star in hollywood with a normal figure! leave brit alone! she is a great performer and a human with feelings as well! cut her some slack! nobody trashed her when she was on top so dont do it when she is in such unstability moments like this! i love you britney! you rock!!!!

  17. I like how some of these people shout “That’s Photoshopped!”…like it’s some kind of surprise or something. This is in the ‘Celebrity Shift’ category…if you don’t realize that the pics in there are photoshopped then you should do the gene pool a favor and go walk in front of a bus.

  18. She will be back better than ever! come on! she had 2 beautiful kids!
    She is a beautiful person not only outside, she gave her life to his kids and im sure she will be better soon. ps: kevin doesnt deserve her!

  19. So yeah, I can see why some people would find this funny… Photoshop can be fun. But what kind of message are you people sending to all the young girls out there? The message I’m getting is that women need to be anorexic looking to be attractive, and curves make women fat… (unless they’re breast implants)
    It’s turning into a sick world out there.

  20. ha i think it’s funny.
    when i was watching the vma’s i was sitting there and found myself thinking “hm, brit’s getting a bit chubby”
    and then i realized that she’s probably like 130 pounds.

  21. I agree with all the people who are sick and tired of seeing anorexic stick figures in Hollywood today. The mainstream media carry a large portion of the responsibility for why eating disorders exist! Sure, Brittany is not stick thin anymore, but from where I was sitting, she was fit, muscular, and her clothes fit. As long as her clothes flatter her, shut your traps! However, I do NOT agree that she is a great performer. The way she “sings”, she is likely to lose her voice by the time she is thirty from the throat nodules that finally got Julie Andrews (she actually had vocal talent, btw) after 30 years! Yes, I realize she lip-syncs because she dances (not bad, very Paula Abdul) and there is no way in hell she would ever be able to get any kind of strong sound as much as she moves. However, her “lip-syncing” at the VMAs was less than stellar, and even fans can agree.

  22. im glad britney is starving herself now.

    she`s disgustingly fat and i`m tired of seeing her disgusting body everywhere on the media.

    she should`ve waited until she lost like 50 pounds before making a comeback.

  23. BAHAHAHAHAHAH… thats AMAZING!!!! I actually thought she looked pretty hot at the mtv awards, minus her vague “I’m completetly coked out of my mind” stare…..

  24. dat pic is fake but she has gone chubby, but u have to say thumbs up 2her at least she aint anorexic like other celbs eg. keira

  25. O poor Brit. She despretly needs a good mother.
    That is so photoshopped,but in a way I feel really bad for her. She didn’t have a GOOD mum to tell her not to get married and have kids to younge and ect. I just hope that Jamie Lynn Spears has a better future planned.

    Hopefully, no matter what happens now, she won’t let that happen to her…or will she???

  27. Excellent Photoshop rendering – to the Image Editor. Very convincing, speaking as an avid PS user myself. Ppl that stated the obvious “It’s Photoshopped!! OMG it’s SO Photoshopped” obviously don’t know what is Photoshop or are non-Photoshop users to be able to appreciate the fine editing job here lol.

  28. that is totally photoshopped! and plus i saw her perform and i thought she looked great! hollywood is so annoying! they pressure everyone to be thin and then when theyve pushed to bulumia they get on their case again! so gay!

  29. norman said it all … gutter media! i’m sick at myself for being here. call it morbid fascination … a weak, brainless moment after a long night of no sleep. britney disgusting? NO … DC DISGUSTING? yesssssssssss…SO…take THAT moderators! boot my comment because the joke’s on YOU, not poor, victimized Britney…again. same on YOU.

  30. That’s a really awesome job. The colour’s a little off here and there but apart from that, well done! To anyone who’s offended… yeah, I can’t even think of the words. Some said “would you like it if someone made you seem fat?” Yes! It would be funny! I would commend whoever did it and call anyone who didn’t get it a complete freakin idiot. And one more thing, yes. It is fake. That is the ENTIRE POINT.

  31. Oh my gosh you folks are taking this Brit thing pretty seriously! She’s just a tart like many others. What about the other perverted mousketeer…no one her back?

  32. Lol….

    I think this is taken from the parody found on you tube done by the fat guy with britneys head photoshopped back in. Looks good though. and btw

    “leave britney alone!!!!”

  33. man just leave them all alone how come people r so mean i went through that 2 i thought i was fat but theres nothin wrong just cause u dont look like models u starve that wrong everyones pretty in there own way. Just stop taking photos then going on photoshop and messing with them. I used to like brittany she was my role model and u know wat she still is.

  34. wth! so damn mean! she’s just trying to get back on her feet and she’s so NOT that fat!!! just healthy plus abit more! unlike the other celebrities we so can’t look up to!

  35. um……… lol…….
    btw for the ppl who posted….
    your spellling sucks even for abv.s some of them are way off lol random comment
    also if you don’t like the way ppl photoshop other ppl Live With It i bet thousands of ppl at home do that and you wouldn’t know… suck it up

  36. This is great! It’s not about whether or not people are making fun of heavier women, that’s just naive. Brit making a spectacle of herself, and being a public loser makes her a prime target for this type of parody. It’s great. It’s a dig, not just to Britney spears, but to the whole industry that all at once makes a star, then crushes the star, just for the sake of trying to keep the star a star. It’s a weird, twisted world out there in pop culture. If this picture offends you, or if “picking on poor Britney” offends you, then you should probably turn off the TV for a couple of weeks, deprive yourself of all things tabloid and realize that the world actually does continue to spin without the trash heap.
    As for the Photoshop work – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  37. how could some one do that. a lot of people hate her but everyone know that obesity is a major problem. So DON’T make fun of that. How would you like to be fat.

  38. Umm… this makes me chuckle, lolol. If I had millions upon millions of dollars. I wouldn’t care who Photoshoped me. Yet again, Adobe bringing entertainment to the masses that singers can’t bring to their viewers 😉

  39. I think this is the funniest shit ive ever seen!!!! she deserves it for being an idiot and screwing her life up!!!!!!!!

  40. “Comment Breakdown:
    8% get it
    12% like to state the obvious
    70% actually seem offended
    10% need help”

    -Boy, is this prediction right.

  41. I think probably the people who are all yelling “ZOMG that is so photoshopped”:
    a) Aren’t listening to anything anybody else is saying.
    b) Have found this page on a web search and mistaken it for a gossipy news site.

  42. oh my god!britney spears is so stupid….and she is so fat….or she will have another baby…omg…i hate this woman…..if she can call in this way…

  43. Look at ya all?…, sittin at ur puters just doggin Britney out cause you think she is fat when in reality everyone of you boys would do her if you had the chance. Sad?…..yes you are….hahanahaha Pathetic losers. Oh well!! I guess that is why ur here, can’t get a date in real life so you decide to pick on someone you know you couldn’t have even if you did have money. Loosen up fucktards and get a life. And before you start thrownin them stones?…..look in the mirror at yourself and ask if you are any better…………..hahahaha

  44. Oh man, photoshopped. She’s never been that fat. She may being having another baby, but there’s no way she that fat. And now you’ve got your baby sister following in your foots steps. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

  45. I refuse to read anyone’s comment once I see the word “puters”.

    I HAVE noticed alot of idiots getting bent out of shape at a silly photoshop. Anyone upset that a war is goning on at Christmas? Again?

  46. umm are you guys like retarded were you born different
    everyyyyboddy could see its photoshopped.some of these people i agree with.
    its all of your fault she became what she is.
    leave her the fuck alone.
    btw i agree with gingerr.:)

  47. no kidding its photoshopped an i think its no1s fault but her she knew what she was doing when u make it big she just couldnt handle the press an anything so she snapped an now the worlds stuck with this brit!!! she wasnt born yesterday she knew what she was gettin in to an she wanted it an now shes f***ed up an lost her kids to trailer trash k-fed like come on how f***ed up do u really have to b lmmfao she deserves everything shes gettin now!!!!!!! cya

  48. Are half the people on here fucking retarded…? Do you people not get that this site is full of satirical humor…?

  49. no one cares about her performance, but no one would say anything bad if she had worn something to cover her body, and fixed her hair a little.

  50. Those of you who actually care or stick up for britney should be tarred and fethered. She a mess and i love it, she’s a no talent hog who married K-fed??? what a southern hick from a southern disfunctional family…. her sisters a mess and her parents she disowned… i hope she gets inmpregnated by hillary clinton:)


  51. heyy the truth is finaly out w0w c she cant take care of her self or her kids tee hee XD hahahah…
    FAT A$$

  52. …Even an idiot can tell that shot is photoshopped. I don’t understand why everyone freaked about her performance that night anyway. Yeah she can’t dance worth a damn anymore, but SHE DIDN’T LOOK THAT BAD.

  53. i’ ve never seen so many assholes in my life that think they qualify to pass a thought between their ears. it’s just a little poot in the wind. let britney worry about britney. you people are just a bunch of low self esteem losers that don’t have anything better to do. hey she has millions of dollars do any of you? if you do, please use it to pay a tutor so you can learn how to spell and form a sentence.

  54. OMG don’t any of you retards see the humour in this???!
    Obviously it has been exaggerated to show the impact of the media and what everyone is saying she is “fat”.

  55. no!! is fond of the one to yous visseram with the foto from the britney ta thereof AND pra who tenm iveja from it as she can AND yous no tamborine as of without heart

  56. you ppl that make fun of Britney are stupid just cuz shes famous u think she should be perfect. U should know that life in the spotlight is hard and that not everyone is perfect…
    OMFG! give Britney a FUCKEN break she is just as human as us, she makes mistakes, and goes through tough times, so get off her back cuz if some nobody was doing the sam ething she is no-one would give a shit!
    get a life people and stop trying to ruin hers…Geesh!

  57. why wont you leave her alone you know there are people doing worst stuff out there and instead of choosing them to mess with you mess with the one girl who needs a break from the world!!!! and you can so tell that is photoshopped what is your problem give her a frikin break !!!! oh and even if she was that big its better than being anerexic or so thin you can see bones and you wonder why so many people are depressed and have eating disorders!!…

  58. congradulations everyone! i just was looking for an article on anorexia and buliuma and i came across the wonderful photoshoped picture of britney spears and a bunch of boys drowling all over her sorta… and this retarded argument over a crummy joke. i am personally sick and tired of people aruing over if she is fat or not- give it a rest. what does it matter to you? stop making excuses for the girl, saying it was her mom’s fault or she is going through alot… she chose her life, she’s got big bucks and she needs help like you wouldn’t believe. stop saying she’s fat- a womans body is consisted of 16-21% body fat. give it up already- if you’re jealous or wish a million times over you could get a date with her- lay off. no, i’m not a fan of hers, but the picture was a joke, nothing more. so you sad bunch of losers give up.

  59. you guys are retards give her a brake! she is a human evry one makes mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if that is her it is her choise not yours if she wants to be over wait

  60. britney has always been skinny, just coz your jelous and want her body u make her seem fat…

  61. I think whoever made this is a loser and should get a life, just cus you made her look fat in this pic. and she probably still looks better then you, doesn’t mean you should hate on her sweety pie! ;] i love britney you cunt!

  62. whyy do people do that to britney? wuld u lik it if someone put a picture like that on the web bout you?? i no i wuldnt… nd itz totaly not her… photoshop… i can’t belive people would actually do that…

  63. I’d still tap that, she’s a lot sexier now that she’s chubby.

    Plus she’s had two kids, I don’t blame her. You don’t have to be bone thin to be attractive.

  64. OMG! Just leave her alone…so what if shes a little chubby any way this pictures fake you can so tell

  65. I think that’s hilarious, it’s meant as a spoof, geeeeez !!! We had to listen to how she was a nice Christian small town girl and then we saw how she is a drinking,smoking, lousy Mom, poor white trash with a huge bank account. She never could sing, all she had was her looks and dancing and those are going fast if not gone for good. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, now we see the REAL britney.

  66. you can tell that the legs are photoshopped because of the fishnets. they are really stretched out.

  67. you can so totally its fake because the colour of her skin on her body is such a diffrent colour to the skin on her face!!!

  68. U all make me sick!!!! I care abt Brittany! cuz brittany’s my real name………sooooo…….leave her alone!!!!! dont look at thiz picture!!!!! itz gross!!!!! and brittany’s not fat!!!!! is she?? and OMFG thiz pic, iz sick!!!! Boyz………..step bakk…………

  69. britney still britney know matter wat leave her alone like nobody have problem of their own we r all human people makes mistake so wat she done alot of things she,s not da only 1 people just hate n she still look good even in da fake picture ok…………

  70. at least her thighs will save her the embarassment of an upskirt when she gets out of the car from now on.
    i love how fat people are so appalled by this!

  71. y are some of u guys acting like u worked out it i photoshopped…it doesnt take a genius…its written at the topp

  72. I don’t know what’s funnier, the pic, or the comments from all those nutcases who don’t seem to be particularly fond of reading what’s associated with what they’re about to start going off about.

  73. everyone in this world must be extremely bored with there lives… britneys not an angel but who is in this world… everyone just likes getting others laughed at so no body notices them doing somthing thats probably embarrising..

  74. this photo is obviously fake! no way is britney this big. so what if she’s put on a few? she’s had two kids remember! she looks pretty damn good for that! well done brit 🙂

  75. What a rubbish, she is still quite beautiful and sexy, only stomach and legs got heavy inthis picture but the fault is they forget to increase the size of their boobs, foolish…

  76. Oh, it’s fake. But for f**k sake! She had two children! But now she’s REALLY thin, maybe too thin. But she DOES look really good.

  77. My god people. (or PPL for the Obama generation) Have you lost your minds? Have you lost all rational thought? Do you even know (Kno, sorry, Dammit, I mean sry) what the World Wide Web is? You fucking morons make me want to puke.


    Now stop posting on websites before I get a fucking anerism trying to figure out how the entire population of the U.S. that has down syndrome found out how to get online. Jesus.

  78. #35 (“you fools”), I don’t care whether you are male or female. Marry me. 😉

    (That’s a winky face, in the spirit of our fellow genius commenters.)

  79. Yes you cranial misfits, we know it’s fake, no go back to play counterstrike with your boyfriends.

  80. Shes dumb, blonde, and white… and now shes “fat.”
    It doesn’t get any more outrageously funnier than that.

  81. OMG, this is hillarious. Not the picture itself, but the amount of people who didn’t get that it’s a fake, photoshopped, joke. HAHAHAHA!

  82. Wow you guys are winners!!! (this is sarcasim… just thought you too dum too get that part)
    Hope this makes you feel fantastic about yourself… just like the saying calling other people fat doesn’t make you any skinner…
    I feel sorry for all of you that need to make fun of other people because of your own damn insecurities! i get its a joke but is it really funny????

    Um no i don’t think so… if you are calling what she really looked like FAT then o my F##K i feel sorry for the world… we should all be anorexic F####rs even after giving child birth actually why not during so we can insure the malnutrion of our children…

    Take a look at Lindsay Lohan and tell me which one looks better the real picture of Britney at the 07 VMA’s or Lindsay Lohan looking like a victim from the concentration camps… think of just the ordinary people who actually buy into your crap!!!!

  83. People, I thought we wanted to see a CHANGE in Britney?!? Are you so low in yourselve’s that you’d take pleasure in hurting others? Shes FINALLY slimming to a size that is comfortably normal to HER and images like this are EXACTLY what cause certain eating disorders, psycological damage and not to mention the image to our young children that your not OK unless your flawless and beautiful… Get with the times people, your hideous rendition of what the female proportion is SOOOO off and isnt even intelligible… So here’s to all who spoil the minds of children by displaying such FAKE imagery… Once again weren’t we ALL aware that the Crack-Ho Thin look of models is out? And the pleasingly plump (like Marilyn Monroe) is heavily making its way into hollywood, thankyou Queen Latifah and others like her who show women that we DON’T have to be Petite and Perfect to rule the World!!!

  84. I’d say her arms and legs look pretty real, considering you obviously used photoshop. But the rest of her looks pretty fake, in my opinion.

  85. As I am a big fan of both Kiera and Britney,these comments and photos don’t bother me one bit.I am sure Britney and Kiera are both too busy to be bothered by any of these comments.I love Britney and Kiera despite all the rude comments and regardless of their sizes.I just saw Britney in concert in May 2009 and she looked excellent.She was amazing!Very talented women.

  86. Опять этот гребанный фотошоп. И вообще когда они уже отстанут от Бритни- пусть живет человек как ему нравиться.

  87. Just watched the Grammys, best show ever!!! very good, Christina falls, Gwynet rocks, and my new favorite band is Mumford and Sons

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