Sizing up Keira Knightley


Our recent feature, depicting an obviously overweight Britney during her VMA performance was more of a spoof on the media’s reaction than on Britney herself. However, several die-hard fans seemed to have overlooked our creative purpose here at DC.

We estimate that we digitally increased Britney’s weight by about 100 lbs. To be fair to both Britney, as well as her fans, we decided to create a similar instance of fattening up a celebrity who the media generally views as being on the other side of the weight spectrum.

Below is an image of the ever so slender Keira Knightley, fattened up with a digitally added 100 lbs.

Keira Knightley
© Destination Creation, inspired by a Flynet image.

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251 thoughts on “Sizing up Keira Knightley”

  1. y r u doing this 2 your self you need to eat a double cheese burger with fries and a extra cocolate milkshake
    everyday for 4 months

  2. Just a heads up for all those who are alittle slow this morning… this is a SATIRICAL edited picture.. aka it’s a fake picture

  3. thats totally fake keira knightly dosn’t look like that it looks like they took
    her head and put it on Nicole Richis bodie honestly she recently played on piarates of the carribeaan and she looked great…

  4. I know this might be a foreign and alien concept to most of you interneters, but those words above the picture of kiera are relevant to the picture.

    Oops. Kids, ‘relevant’ means that the words are about the picture. So just scroll up, put on your thinking caps for 4 or 5 minutes or however long it takes to get through those FIVE sentences, and get a dictionary if any of the bigger words confuse you.


  5. People the picture is a joke… she’s not that skinny, maybe if you looked at the picture you could tell its photoshopped!

  6. dat pic is abit fake but anyway she is anorexic & thinks she luks gud wen she looks sick! u should be healthy & curvy! go eat u muppet keira

  7. ok…wow to all the people that are telling her to eat…..ITS FAKE the point of the article to tell u that they photoshop it…

  8. whoa…thats like totally freaked out dude! but Pans Labrynth(its a movie) is even more freaked out! dude thing movie is wicked awsome! so much gore and disgustingness…it rocks!

    haha. im a freak huh?

  9. although she’s so skinny that could probably be a fake because none should be that skinny and it looks scary like that’d the part that looks fake or maybe she went insane and really went that skinny i don’t know so i’m not gonna say it’s fake or real until i get more information

  10. That is really gross. Does she really think anyone is going to think that is pretty? Is she out of her mind? That girl needs help BAD!!

  11. you guys obviously altered this. She’s naturally skinny, and you can see in her abs that she tries to work out. it’s not her fault. *duh*

  12. oh my gosh.. that girl totally needs help! whats wrong with people who wants to be skinny.. u should alwas be happy about your size… you should do all those process just to be skinny.. wow.. shes THIN alright… way to thin!

  13. actually i meant you SHOULDN’T do all those process just to be skinny.. mah bad… i putted should instead of shouldn’t.. but i MEANT SHOULDN’T!!!

  14. damn even after people exclaim from the roof tops that this is ADMITEDLY fake people seem to fall for it. freakin dorks. As for anyone who thinks that the pic is too impossible then check into isabelle caro – the famous ex model who is fighting anorexia. her blog is around somewhere with a gallery

  15. If this is fake then u r DUMB to put it on if this is really then U HAVE KILLED urself kiara she isnt healfy she is anorexic and ugly she was gorguz in pirates of da carribeenan and now look at this fake ugly photo

  16. ewww thats descutin men dont like girls like that theyed rather pick the fatest woman in the world compare to that i mean comon u can do better one flick and she’ll be broke hahahahaha

  17. Two forms of ignorance manifest in this series of commentaries. The illiterate picture browsers who continue posting responses as though the altered Keira photo is real. And those who keep trying to tell them its a fake. If they couldn’t read the photo’s caption text, what makes you think they can read YOUR post telling them about it?!?

  18. I love this entire website! Its filled with morons who clearly can’t read but obviously can write (to a certain degree anyway). That alone is more amusing and amazing to me than most of the sites actual content!

    Its a sad sad world we live in.

  19. its so sad when these people get all thin and then go to the beach to walk on piss clams and whatnot. they would always run around and do cartwheels and throw silly things.

  20. good lord. i can’t believe all the dimb-wits on here who thought that was a real picture of her. jesus. i’m sorry for all the lack-brains out there. YOU CAN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE, MORONS!!!!!

  21. Really. You people need to not beleive everything you see or hear. You could tell that the peeps put her head on another body. bc is right. you people are morons for believing that’s really her……

  22. Are you a FCUKing bunch of idiots or what?? Don’t you people know reading? Moreover than a simple fake, it’s a FCUKing JOKE.
    Quote for the Idiots out there :
    “Below is an image of the ever so slender Keira Knightley, FATTENED UP WITH A DIGITALLY ADDED 100 lbs.”

    Which means, that, actually, they’ve IRONICALLY ADDED 100lbs on Keira…

  23. I agree with everyone else! This def. a fake photo…how can you people sit there and go “wow, poor her”???????????????? *sigh* Isn’t obvious? They totally did that to the photo…..omg!

    These people who do the PEOPLE mag. and such, they don’t have a fucking life so they pick on all the stars that they can! None of it is true, if it was half of the famous ppl would be suing the stupid writters! shhss.. Keira is an amazing actress, wonderfull, truthfull person and I think you all just need to stop beleiving all the crap these people say!

    That’s all I have to say. 🙂

  24. First off this is a fake picture. Second off Kiera knightly is fairly thin, but for those of you that expect her to put on some weight and get curves. Kiera has a fairly boy shaped body so she will for the most part always look thin, and I do not think she is anorexic the last time I saw her stomach on the red carpet she had some major abs. So do not just assume someone is anorexic, that is a serious disease and I think this is VERY disturbing. As this picture to all of us is VERY gross, but to a person suffering from an eating disorder this is another very SCARY picture for them to live up to.

  25. HA HA HA Don’t know whats funnier? The pic or the fact that there are actually people so stupid they believe the pic is real. It even says in ‘real words’ that its a fake. I find all the photos on here very humourous. Why? Take this pic for instance. Keira is a very beautiful woman who is naturally thin. It does happen people, get over it!! But this picture displays what the media is trying to push what she looks like. Which is so very very fake!!!

  26. YOU ARE RETARDS! READ THE THING AT THE TOP!!! IT IS A SPOOF! Keira Knightley is skinny, but really fit and healthy…

  27. Why is she so skinni? Does anyone have her e-mail address, perhaps we can paypal her some money so she can afford to eat. Anywayz… don’t make fun of a fake pic….j/k

  28. ok who in the world would put up such an obviously fake picture of kiera??
    shes so pretty and some people will do whatever they can to make her look bad but fyi.. that doesnt make u look any better. you still look like a fat stupid bitch. who ever fucked with this should go to hell for making kiera look like that.

  29. I am a graphic designs major and I can tell you FOR SURE that this is an absolutly horrible photoshop piece. This is an obvious fake.

  30. It may be satirical, but it simply looks silly.

    It doesn’t have u think, it doesn’t make u laugh.

    A waste of time, actually 🙂

    Sure it brought me here from Facebook. So maybe that’s the point 😉

  31. omg u guys actually believe this? i saw this pic in 17 and she looks skinny but notlike this. my god u freaks


    WTF no one thinks this is F-ing hilarious!!!!!???? Maybe I’m just drunk but (sorry Keira, I actually kind of like you in Pirates;not you Britney, you suck) this is so freaking funny!! I love the “we’re adding 100 lbs. to Keira’s pic”. LOL!!!! this is funny, even though it’s disgusting and mean, who the hell cares.

    I love you Johnny Depp. I changed my mind Keira, you are such a bitch cause you got to kiss him (nothing personal, I say that about anyone who kisses him)

    Oh god, got to go barf now.

  33. como van a hacer eso…son re tarados!!…es la mejor actriz…no le pueden hacer eso….

    Fan Nº 1 de keira y johnny depp…

  34. jajaja la verdad q no esta tan bueno el fotoshop…o como sea… es muy exagerado y no parece real!!!
    aparte no le veo la gracia a dejar comentarios diciendo q esta muy flaca..q ya eso es feo… y todo eso porq sabemos muy bien q esta foto esta trucada!!! asiq…


  36. Adding a 100 pounds? LOL if we added 200 or 300 pounds she might look normal! i love photoshop, that is halarious! i’m shocked at how many ppl kept believed the picture was real and kept saying she needed to get a mcdonald combo or something. some people obviously didn’t do very good in english class when it comes to “reading and comphrension”. there are 4 or 5 very important sentences by the ‘pretty’ picture there! fantastic job with the photoshop like i said!

  37. Damn. In real life, she’s so damn hot. And she’s just fit, not anorexic. This disgusts me.

  38. wow, good to see a good portion of your fan base around here are COMPLETELY RETARDED. look at a real picture, she IS a fuckin hottie for sure.

  39. She needs to see a specialist.
    Therapist, or something.

    Anorexia is a disease, and statistics say that 20% of people suffering from eating disorders will die because of it.

    I read a book about a 19yr old gymnast that was anorexic and then released from the team and forced into treatment. There are usually underlying causes. I had one friend whose father ruptured her ear drum when he hit her earlier in her childhood. Usually something to all of this.. Best wishes.

  40. That is not the real picture. The real one was in the tabloids. That picture is TAKING 100 pounds off her, NOT adding them. She isn’t THAT thin.

  41. It’s kind of funny looking at the reactions to this post. Some think its real, others are mad that it is going after Keira, others who aren’t sure if it is real, and the other chunk that is saying that the others are idiots for not realizing that it is not fake. For those who still believe it is real read the description just above the picture, and then browse the site for a while to see what they do here.

  42. OMG, so fricken fake. SERIOUSLY? i saw a picture of her in this SAME bikini with her man friend and she totally looked healthy and fit, just google it people.

    anyone who believes this shit is high, like seriously.

    i think the people who photo shopped the picture just meant it to get a few laughs not for people to actually believe it. don’t feel sorry for kira, she is doing great and never had and never will have an eating disorder.

  43. Its not real, ive seen the original version of this photo they are obviously making a joke about adding a 100lbs shes not that thin its not possible. the ribcage is too small, and they have ribs showing in the wrong place above her boobs and the hip jutting out is too high if it were real it would be slightly lower down i mean look at it the waist is about an inch higher on the right side.

  44. anyone who believes that that is a real picture is a freaking retard.
    talk about the most obvious photoshop job ever done. Come on man. Stop hating on her because she’s beautiful.

  45. OMG this is so fake. This is photoshopped. I saw her wit her bf in this same exact bathin suit and she is prfectly fine…just type in keira nightley on google images…

  46. right ok to say wot soooo many people have already said!! this picture has been photoshopped, she has never looked like that and nor is she anorexic, she has a high metabolism and she actually eats loads but bein a very wanted actress in so many films shes always on the go hence why she doesnt put on weight, she also works out alot to keep fit. so stop slatin her for bein slim, just get over it! its not u is it!!! oh and try bloody readin the writin just before the picture it does explain!!! thick shits!


  48. wow what a cute belly button piercing 😉
    ugghhh what a fat ass 🙂
    “can i get this dress in a negative 4 please?”

  49. Fattened up. Too funny. Are some of your readers retarded? “I hope that’s fake?” “That’s so fake” uh, yeah, did you read the caption a$$hat?

  50. omg. people, seriously you think thats real?
    that looks no where NEAR anatomically possible.
    and its not.
    its photo-shopped.
    and poorly!

  51. don’t believe that stuff
    she’s not that skinny or bony
    it’s photo shopped don’t worry about it

  52. u are a horrible bunch of low lifes with no respect for any one’s feelings! its oviouse that you took of wieght not added it on! just because she is a little thin, dose not give you the right to critisize her and make fun of her! you dont know what its like to be in her position!

  53. For goodness sakes you people are all so stupid. Kiera Knightly is a beautiful woman who is naturally skinny, she is not annorexic. The photo above is a JOKE ok people? But I do think that given all the stick she gets in the press for being “too skinny” the makers of the picture are being a little insensitive…

    Wouldn’t life be great if we concentrated on people’s personalities not their looks?

  54. I’m really sad that so many people that have commented can’t read. How are they even typing? Do they have a one of those things that they talk into and it types for them?


    I am sad for them.

  55. Wow. I think my IQ dropped thirty points after reading these comments…
    First of all: This is PHOTOSHOPPED. It is fake. I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time with this, though. Those of you whom this pertains to are obviously too stupid to read more than one sentence, and only if it’s in chatspeak. Also, she’s naturally as thin as she is. On several interviews, she states this. Additionally, she shows no signs of anorexia/bulimia, such as sunken cheekbones, baggy eyes, or lack of muscle tone. If she didn’t eat, she wouldn’t have the energy to work out. She also would not be able to BUILD muscle. That requires protein. For those of you who still don’t follow, that comes from food.
    For those of you who STILL don’t follow me (still about half of the people who think this isn’t photoshopped) FOOD is that stuff you put in your mouth. It gives you energy so you can move.

  56. Are you people for real?

    Anna, Angel, peter, Beatrice,, kirsty, jess, Carlo, Amzy, Mellissa, Angie, Abery, laboheme and the other 8 spazes. What is wrong with you. Only goes to prove however that girls are stupid. Most of the believers are female. I’m lost for words………

    Billy shawl, you are a retard.

    Carlo @38, what the fuck. I know retarded monkeys smarter than you.

    Angel, you have 2 comments a few months apart and you still have not understood the caption. Good god woman. What is wrong with you?

    Cause if you search her at google images you can find the original picture, what is wrong with this website?!?!

  58. its fake! if she was hat skinny, all the magazines would have a picture picture and a story about her, and she would be all over the tv.

  59. Oh dear god, what WON’T people do to keep news on celebs going?! That is completely demeaning and terrible and not to mention below the effing belt! That’s so bad.

    thats wayyyy photoshopped you can see about 20 more pics of her on google images wearing the same bikini and looking healthy weight

  61. thats extremely fake. she doesnt really look like that at all. someone obviously editted that. yea, shes originally very slender but that is deff not what she looks like even at her thinnest

  62. that’s sooooo fake she’s a friend of me and she’s not like this okay she is a little bit skinny but not so much as this

    THIS IS SOOOOOO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

    personal friend of keira

  63. how can you actually believe this is real. google her and you will find a real picture of this. some people are so gullible.

  64. This is obviously fake
    I’m not angry at you but it shows you have nothing better to do with your time
    I think you should try bungee jumping instead

  65. This is just… how could this site do this?!?!
    Keira is just thin, it’s in her nature! just normal!
    and this is NOT her destination! nevernever! i don’t believe it.
    i like keira how she really is, nothing wrong with it! damn..
    just fake fake fake! i am so angry! she’s pretty now on this moment, and stays pretty. I will be there for her! i hate this pic!


  66. People, it says right above the picture that it is, in fact, a fake. The wonders of photoshop, citizens of the world! With my own version of photoshop cs3, i could take you’re faces and turn you all into zombies. It doesn’t mean you ARE zombies. You picture would just look like one.

    Now, it says right above the picture that it’s photoshopped. For HUMOR. It’s a joke!

    *sigh* Read the damn post before you accuse these poor, innocent, and probably board, people. They clearly state (as I am stating, yet again!) that it is photoshopped.


  67. Well even if we know it’s photoshopped it doesnt mean that they should photoshop it.Why would somebody do it to Keira. Somebody called her a stupid bitch making nasy comments. Would you like it if somebody did it to you. It is not because i’m a fan of Keira. If it was somebody off of the street I would still complain so dont try and make us out as stupid please. You tried but you never succeeded Dear God

  68. that is totaly a fakeo jakeo (fake) i have met keira and she is not that skinny
    i know she is thin but that pic is jst takin the biscut
    and so what if she is thin people call her anorexic because they are jelouse
    i am also very thin and proud of my shape and i dont care if people call me an anorexic

    keira knightly is my idol !!!

  69. ok, just to point out to all the IDIOTS out there, its photoshopped, they’re not ‘faking’ a pic they’re making a joke/statement and she doesnt actually look like that (she is skinny tho…)

  70. she is naturally thin…but this is not a real picture of her…its bin edited!!!!
    didnt u idiots read the bit b4 the photo? dont u get what the whole site is about?

  71. It is a fake but is carries a very real message there are many people who look like that beacause of knightleys very bad influence. and to all of you who said shes naturally thin BULLSHIT she is not naturally thin just google her and check out the abs that girls packing insiders have said she exercises non stop and starves regularly!!!!!! she says she envies bigger women well she should stop exercising and start eating and show all the little girls in the world that being adverage in size is good I’m adverage for my hieght and I’m happy I’m 5ft 4inchs and a size 10-12 in tops and bottoms but I dont care about my size as it’s what inside that counts! I love it when people are curvy! makes the world more fun

  72. omfg the people who edited this picture are probally UGLY! that is the only reason why they did this to make her look bad so they can get a date but they will end up with a broken leg a black eye and no date at all sorry suckers thats what happens when u mess with keira knightley fans they will or i will kick your ass!

  73. Ok this pic is obviously fake, she is skinny but not that skinny ppl.
    And the reason she looks fatter on pirates of the carribean is because they photoshopped her and made her fatter, her breasts bigger and so on. They do that pretty mch in all movies. Keira is skinny, but shes not a skeleton skinny type. This pic is fake.

  74. hahahahhah, this is funny i have to say! she doesnt look like this on the REAL picture. Just google it, or youtube: keira knightley bikini. You will see she is super healthy looking. Not skinny at all! So all ya little peeps, dont worry, it is just the magical world of fotoshop!

  75. LOL – reading this thread has given me the biggest laugh I have had in quite a while! Restored my faith that there are still people out there with no more brains than a fruit fly. And that’s probably insulting to fruit flies!

    “Duh – is dat really her? Duh, she’s so skinny. Duh!”

    Thank you for making my evening!

  76. Keira Knightly is my idol!
    i think she is a brilliant actress=]
    wish i could be like her when im older (not major skinny though)
    she so beautiful too:D

  77. Whoever made that picture forgot something really important… you can be super skinny but that doesn’t change the shape of your ribcage duh! nobody’s ribcage looks like that. Anyway, why is everyone so harsh on her. Yeah she is thin, but some people are. you should see what i eat and i only just have an ideal bmi. she’s not stupid either. leave her alone.

  78. She is beautiful in real life and she is great actress. But my opinion is that she needs some more pounds…=)

  79. this is why kids and morons shouldnt be allowed on the internet,
    as if some people think its real and some people are saying “omg its blate fake”
    ofc its fake u tards! Learn to read ? even without reading its pretty bloody obvious?

  80. Really, I can’t believe you guys made that much comments about a picture you look at it, you now what’s the message those ppl wanted to pass, and this site is full of jokes so… what do you expect ? Anyways, I saw this cuz I was checking pictures of her to see if she was too thin and indeed but when I saw that I knew already it was sarcasm ! Anyways, I respect her way of playing because I am in theatre and she implicated herself very much in her acting (duh!) but as for eating disorder I cannot really pronounce myself until the day I’ll talk to her in person, not look at her but.. Talk to her ! It’ll probably happen, really and that wasn’t sarcasm ! The key to eat good food and to do some exercise.. and why ? Not because it makes you thinner but because it’s good for your body ! I weight 120 ponds and I’m 5 foot 7 or 7 and a half if Im not mistaken (I work in a french system thats why) and my upper part from waist to neck is very thin, you have no idea and I truly eat like a pig, like my father and I don’t always eat good things because life is life and I can’t always be restraining myself 🙂 but my legs are muscled, I do figure skating thats why I dont weight lik 90 or 100 pounds !!! And yo uhave no idea how I eat and when I eat, and its not just veggies if you see what I mean ! I got family in Mexico and they thought I had a disorder because I ate so much over there and I did not take an inch of fat, theyre not used to metabolisms like that !!! I mean, I eat like a pig and my chest is not proportioned with my back !!! Its not my fault but its not exuberant either ! solution ? Push up bras loll, it works ! it looks nice and im not faking it either, well, no that much lol, because I mean I eat I eat and nothing gets bigger, so I guess Ill wait till Im 18 .. but I not far from there cuz Im in College anyways ! Ciaoo guys, ppl, I was not protecting her, simply do not judge so quickly, by the way the person who photoshoped the pic has talent but give it a better use nexte time 😉 !


  81. anorexia is stupid…and hiding it very smart way as best way as possible in whatever way. Theres a lots of people like that and also people who cant stop the limits of food. Lazy mind what takes the control in many nondoing activites..thats im calling stupid(lazy mind).

  82. what are you doing with this pic????
    are you kidding?? she is so beauty and she didn’t look like in at this pic!!!!!
    that is ugly pic!!
    when I saw this I feel sick!!!!!

  83. Ooh. this is just so FAKE !
    don’t believe it please !
    She is so beautiful, are you jalours or something ?
    mygosh. I love Keira Knightley!
    This is not her! it isn’t. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE !
    She’s just of nature thin. Anorexia is in her family (grandmother),
    but she hasn’t anorexia, she never never will get it. believe it, please!

    Like Keira Knightley by the way she is. Know that!

  84. Why do people keep writing in that it is fake – about 50 people have already wrote it. You don’t need to repeat the message over and over again, I think the morons have got the idea by now but if they haven’t already, then they will never get it!!!! It says it is photoshopped and is susposed to be a joke; if some people are a little slow and don’t get it just let them think what they want to, they will work it out later. By the way, keira knightley is really pretty and a good actor but I didn’t like her in atonement.

  85. This is so fake! can you see her like this in real life? I don’t think so… this is clearly a photoshopped photo! I can’t imagine how Keira would come this thin! You’re not telling me THAT’S the REAL Keira!!!!!!!

  86. half of you are MORONS! havnt u realised that this whole site is made of photoshopd pics. half of u think its real and even if u hav da brain 2 realise its fake say its stupid 2 fake wen thats the point of the site. GET REAL

  87. Oh, my goodness, that photo of Ms. Knightley is soooo not real. There’s no way she actually looks like that! That’s ridiculous! That’s been photo shopped to high Heavens if you ask me! Antother thing, why is society trying to hurt every body? If your too skinny, people criticise but if your over weight, they make-fun I mean what is up with that? Can there be no happy medium! To hell if we’re all not perfect… so what!!!!!

  88. Is anyone here real?
    Don’t you get anything?
    Are there really any questions to which you’re responding?
    It’s impossible to make fun of anybody at this point anymore.
    At least there’s still meaningful discussion and debate on YouTube. Ah!

  89. That is fucking lame. Kira is gorgeous. Find something better to do than visually slander someone. She is skinny, fit, but not dangerously thin; I consider this picture a below the belt attack on her character. Find something better to do with your time.

  90. Thats so funny, and so scarily close to the truth, seriously girl eat some burgers and stay away from the gym lol shes worse than renee zellwegger, big head tiny bodys lol bless, anyway awesome photoshoppng skills ppl!

  91. hey do you have a problem or something leave her alone!!!!just coz she had i problem a while it doesent mean that you have to make fun of her!
    Ps.if she wasnt famous nobody would care

  92. Wow. There are 166 comments on this page alone and about 1/3 of them are telling you stupid asses that this is fake. And yet you’re screaming off the top of your lungs: IT’S FAKE! IT’S SO NOT REAL! UH.

    We get the point, fucktards. Duh. This website is not intended to make people look the way the ALWAYS look; it’s a satirical picture making FUN of what could be. Not WHAT IS. Screw on your heads a little bit tighter and read the fucking words above the picture.

    And this is exactly why America has such dumbass people running our country, because they don’t fucking read. 😐

  93. I find it funny that half the people who insult those that think this pic is real are just as ignorant. “RETARDS OMG ITS HER HEAD ON SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY!!!111!”

    No. That’s not true. It’s actually her picture. It’s her head attached to her body. It’s just been photoshopped (manipulated) so she looks skinnier, so they can make their joke about adding 100lbs.

    Cute girl. Pity she actually is a lil too slim, but I love how she looks after that gut!

  94. OMG!! Wassup with u ppl?? God this is just sooo damn fake. . I mean have u guys not seen her other pics?? this is definetely not true. . god most of u are blind. . seriously. . and when she was asked if she was aneroxic or not in an interview she said tht was she was not. . i mean isnt this enough for u guys??? And even if she is aneroxic then y the hell do u guys care ? ? ? would u do the same if someone in ur family was god forbid aneroxic?? U ppl are just useless good for nothing ppl . . .though not all of u. . some of u seem to be quite decent . . . the rest of u just get a life. .

  95. DUDE! i just looked at the real g** d*** pic of her and its the same f***ing picture! people must really love makin celebs look like s*** with f***ing photoshop. good g**!!!!!! its so f***ing retarded! i mean, yea it is kinda funny. but still-theres no f***ing purpose

  96. hahahahahha! do u seriously think people r gonna believe thats real?! i mena come on people-u might b 1 of the biggest a**holes i’ll ever read from if u think that real. get a f***ing life!

  97. theres noooooo way thats real!! she did get real skinny at one point but not that bad!! why make a picture of her like that?! thats seriously sick!!!If anyone got that bad im sure they would be dead!

  98. thats really horrible
    i feel so sorry for you people
    you have no lives so you make people look different
    if you minus the fat you added that would make Keira pretty much a skeleton which she isnt so this is clearly a fake.
    Keira Knightley is absolutely beauftiful and it really is a shame that some people feel the need to mess with peoples looks to match what they want to see.
    Keira has never been anywhere near that skinny. She is naturally slim, but shes not quite that slim.

  99. just to add to all the people saying she is anorexic… she really isn’t
    people in her family have had it and she definately doesnt have it
    also to everyone saying you shouldnt be anorexic you should like the way you look etc etc i just have to say anorexia isnt always about looks, it is a psychological disorder too.
    get your facts straight before you start talking about people, it really really helps.

  100. # Niya Says:
    February 28th, 2009 at 8:31 pm


    hahaha scroll up and read ppl.. I don’t know whats funnier, All the ppl that actually feel they need to post “omg it is fake people!”

    or the fact that they just don’t get sarcasm… thank you, thank you, thank you… enough with telling us its fake.. we all know

    and for the people that aren’t being sarcastic, and do think its real.. haha jokes on everyone it seems..
    everyone is posting on a retarded site.. on the internet.. about retarted pictures.. some life everyone has.. haha

    by the way.. eat a cheeseburger Kiera… 😉

  101. ok.. that pictures photoshopped to hell lol
    really now calm down everyone…
    if your this gullible then your going to get screwed over alot in life.

  102. I love Keira, and this is awful. However… it’s actually probably not too far off from the truth. =/ Which is just sad.

  103. OGOD! this is really fake! i mean even if you had anorexia you’ll never look like that! i was looking for some pictures and found the real picture. it’s exactly the same only without seeing al those bones.

  104. Okay, why do people keep saying this is fake? This is made by Destination Creation, a site full of extremely good Photoshop art images so it’s quite obvious it’s fake, which is what they’re even saying. They’re not saying that she actually looks like that, it’s what she would look like if she was more skinny. As for the peice itself though, I think it’s rather mean to do that to her unless you got permission from her yourself. Just my fair opinion! Though I am rather interested in how it was created, did the person actually edit it bone for bone or did they use a seperate image to create the render? I think both are possible ways but second being easiest.

  105. Djeezes!!! you should sooo be a shamed!! Keira is soo perfect.. and then you make this it’s not when somebody is skiny that you can make fun off it!! This is not even real!!

  106. anyone can see its a doctored photo as posted, but look at the original……this woman looks emaciated…..she has as much flesh as she does brains….she looks like a skeleton in a bathing suit

  107. “Below is an image of the ever so slender Keira Knightley, fattened up with a digitally added 100 lbs.”
    WTF!!!!!!! it says she is fattened up???? so are they saying she is actually 100lbs LESS than that??? i think they worded it wrong… btw this is like the longest comments list i have ever read!

  108. i didnt actually read them all im not that sad… just like the first few then i realised how long it went on for and gave up….

  109. Dear lord people…read the article again. It’s called sarcasm!! Jeez! Do people ALWAYS need to be hand-fed exactly what they see?!?

  110. Wow, that is so fake. She doesn’t look like that – seriously, I’ve met her in person. She’s not that skinny! I am underweight myself and my ribs stick out more than hers do, but nobody’s are shaped like that!

  111. she is sooo preaty and that pic is stop dogging her dont you think she is felling bad cause everbode is saying thies horridle things!!!!!!its just rong and im preaty sure half of you want to look like her and your just lieing so JUST STOOOOOOOOOOOP

  112. First comment: September 21st, 2007 at 5:13 am. Last comment: January 23rd, 2010 at 9:50 am.

    Same posts over and over for 3 years…almost as tiresome as the xbox vs ps3 nerd arguments that follow Youtube Modern Warfare 2 videos.


  113. If ANY happens to look at the site this is from, and NOT JUST THE PICTURE, you’d see this site is dedicated to digital alterations of visual media. We all know she isn’t that skinny. We all know that anorexia is a bad disorder. We all know that most of you out there won’t read this, therefore you are retarded.

    Kudos to the people that made this site and posted the pic!

  114. poor keira. she’s skinny, but she hasn’t any health problem. would anybody make fun of her appearance if she was fat?

  115. That is so fake. She was no where near as sickly skinny when this picture was taken.Will people just stop changing the way people look! Young girls look up to her. It is sick. She is a stunning woman and isn’t that skinny.

  116. Não dá pra saber se a imagem é realmente verdadeira.
    Só pedindo pra Keira tirar a roupa na nossa frente. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  117. You already know thus considerably in the case of this subject, produced me individually believe it from numerous numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated until it is something to do with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs outstanding. All the time handle it up!

  118. That is so obviously photoshopped. I am naturally thin, and I take medication for an under-active thyroid, so I can relate. I look like that, (before the photoshopping) and everyone always thinks I am anorexic, but I just am naturally thin.

  119. all you fucken people get a fucken life you fucken people suck you all are fat you cant admit she is beautiful all you people are fucken fat you wish you could be her this not her body and shut your big mouth she really gorgeaus beatiful you all jeaulous because she is important and you people are not and famous and rich she has a beautiful body and she is a beautiful amazing model and actress hahahaha idiots

  120. if you read the comment above it says that they are adding 100 pounds to her frame… they are being sarcastic and taking weight away from her… duh

  121. Keira Knightley looks seriously anorexic. She may deny it all she wants, but I can see every single bone in her frail body. She needs to start getting and help to gain some weight because this is not the normal body of a “naturally skinny girl” as she refers to herself as.

  122. Sorry, I take back everything that I just said about Keira Knightley. I just realized that this picture was photoshopped


  124. “added 100 lbs”? Gimme a break. No one added anything except bad Photo Shop and all they bothered to do is stick a woman’s head onto an image of an emaciated body, it’s completely OBVIOUS lol. WHAT I WOUKD LIKE TO EMPHASIZE HERE IS: I would bet my entire house and cars on the fact that the person who made this image is most definitely, without a doubt OVERWEIGHT! ****Here is an interesting and important fact you may want to take into consideration before start insulting underweight people: Being underweight isn’t as unhealthy as being overweight!!

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