Where’s Paris Hilton’s funny mugshot? Her real one (below) looks more like a glamour shot.

Ever since we first saw Nick Nolte’s infamous mugshot, we’ve been craving more images of the like as celebrities are increasingly getting arrested for their incompentance.
Since the only noteworthy mug since Mr. Nolte’s has been this one of Rip Torn, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a few celebrity mugshots we never knew we couldn’t miss.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson



Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze


The Queen

29 Replies on “Celebrity Mugshots You Never Knew You Couldn’t Miss”

  1. Mattie Says:

    The ear accessory is a nice touch

  2. Jcee Says:

    The stubble!! She really is a man !!

  3. Dmonz Says:

    Some amazing stuff there…but don’t bring our queenie into this!!!

  4. JC Says:

    The queen is not a celebrity -_-

  5. Fark Says:

    Paris looks like Barbara Streisand in this mugshot.

  6. Queen Says:

    Don’t bring me into this

  7. Service Says:

    Wow. Those look great!

  8. Bitch Says:

    Pretty cool… What did queen do? I can read it YAY!

  9. Captain-Banana Says:

    The Queen was a pretty funny touch, but still not cool to make fun of her.

  10. Lori Says:

    MEGA LOL!!!!!
    That is HILARIOUS!
    Oh, get over the Queen, that was one of the funniest one’s!
    I bet if she saw it, she would even laugh.
    Trump looks the same as always, ask his wife!
    Lindsay, Paris and Jessica look like they purchased the same make-up that Tammy Faye use to wear (No disrespect to the late Tammy Faye, she was quite proud of her “special look”).
    Fergie…dirty face, oh come on now!

  11. NANI Says:


  12. wassup Says:

    wot duz jessica simpsons saii????


  13. J-SIMP Says:

    idk what mine says… SHLT4BRALNS???

  14. Pasty Muncher Says:

    The Queen would never choose such louche mascara

  15. puppy Says:

    SHIT FOR BRAINS! haha!

  16. Beth Says:

    bahahah the queen, oh thats too bloody funnny aye, and ferie! haha hr stubble….

  17. Paris Hilton Says:

    You guys i wish you would stop making fun of me its like so totally not fair just cuz i dnt no how to put a condom on doesnt mean you do

  18. Jess Says:


  19. Tbones Says:

    Haha these are funny! good ps skills ppl! make us proud putting talents to product world saving use lmao

  20. Mike Bishop Says:

    I loved the picture of the queen, it’s what this country needs, a good kick up the arse . . .

  21. emily Says:

    who ever was the paris hilton commnt up there i know it wasnt u! but ur right give the ppl a break! i think ppl should go around messing u up! how would u guys like that?

  22. jake Says:

    the queen is the funnyist she would not like to see it

  23. Heidi Says:

    Haha, finally someone else who finds Fergie to look like a man!!! And the condom on Paris’ ear really makes the picture! haha!

  24. essie may Says:

    linsey is the funniest it looks like shez on cokeain!!!

  25. essie Says:

    pure funny i love the condom on parirs ear

  26. goo Says:


  27. JH Says:

    Patrick Swayze is still on here, I’m surprised. I tihnk the Lohan one is outrageously funny, looking so out of it as normal for her.

  28. av Says:

    the aristocrat has been in aristocatfight!

  29. maribel garcia Says:

    I feel so sorry for the person due horrible face to PATRICK SWAYZE people don’t have any more compation for anything

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