Godzilla Triops

Godzilla Triops
Available as growing kits in pet and toy stores, triops are one of the oldest species of crustacean in the world, having been around for over 200 million years.

Like Sea Monkeys, their eggs can remain under suspended animation for years, until the right conditions cause them to hatch into live, ancient marvels.

The only difference between Triassic triops and the ones of today are their size. They now only grow up to ~1.5″ in length. However, exposing them to ionizing RF radiation and radioactive Potassium-40 unlocks their Triassic growth genes, creating these ‘Godzilla Triops’.


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  1. What directions were the magnets facing? N or S?? And once the “giant growth” starts how long do they live and does growth continue till death?

  2. Hi
    Is this real? Can this be replicated? What size did it grow to? What happend to it was it released back in the wild? Sold? Destroyed? What was it fed on? What was it finally displayed in?

  3. couple things why do you have to use a banana why can you not simply get the potassium from any other source Mike a pharmacy second if you are able to activate genetics selectively If this is real,I want to know how you selected the proper Jean that causes that particular species to die 4 reproductive sake.that species as you explained lives in pond water usually in desert pool and only lasted this longbecause of the short life cycle

  4. is this real? how do you get that stuff?Are those magnets N or S,or where they should be?That radioactive radiation not harmful to humans? what you have to give them to eat?

  5. I am interested in your movie. but I have a lot of questions. ionizing radiation is very dangerous for people. how did you protect your self against Those rays ?how did you have your neodymummagnets layed down?change his diet when he began to mutate ? where did you do the radioactive water ?
    and please respond quickly

  6. Will it work without hooking up the coat hanger, magnets, battery, and radio antenna or are they required for a chemical reaction that takes place with the water and Potassium-40? Someone please respond. I want to try this but I am not good with circuits.

  7. P.s what direction do the magnets need to be facing. North, north. North,south. And does it matter where the am loop is. Thanks

  8. its amazing what tech can do these days….the angle of glass makes the triops look bigger….Iam a expert and i can tell you this is ‘fake’ as they grow up to 2-4 inches depending on tank size (living environment), what breed and what you feed them too. Triops are they same as ‘sea monkeys, aquasaurs etc. they are a brand name for brine shrimp—a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis—sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets. they eat fish food or powered fish food par- boiled carrots lettuce and potato, blood worm and earthworm are an enjoyable snack when they get bigger. silver sand is good to put in the tank for burrowing as they lay eggs in sand or grit.

  9. i have tried this in my uni and it actual works.The sad part was when i was gonna give it to my friend for his bday i put in my bros paddling pool and went to show my friend,my dad dident know about my creation,he came home from work early crapped himself and stabbed it to death.R.I.P face hugging larry

  10. Yes, This does work. But should be done ONLY by a professional with proper PPE and under the utmost security. We do not want this secret to get into the hands of the North Koreans.

  11. How is this possible? Firstly, how do you make sure you have the correct percentage of potassium? Second, this could make you very ill, could it not? You could be looking at having a lowered neutrophil and higher lymphatic count on a cbc blood test. This creation shrimp is not worth your life to gawk at and take photos.

  12. I suggest you watch the documentary called Jurrasic World. They did this sort of thing and load of staff and civilians ended up dieded.

  13. Tri Ops is short for Triannosaurus Ophidians…literally terrible snakes!!!

    Closely related to Triannosaurus Rex in terms of size and killing power.

  14. I used this method to successfully breed Giant triops for over a year. I have no hair, teeth, keeping sicking up blood, have radiation burns and two months to live.

  15. Book Of revelations : “The forbidden yellow fruit of Eden, with neodymium magnets thrice, a creature with thrice eyes and whiplash tail, shall emerge and slain the rapture unbelievers”

  16. You say triops “have been around for over 200 million years”. God only created the universe 5,00 years ago. Read the Bible you fool!

  17. These critters are nicknamed “horse shoe shrimps”. Dont use them as horse shoes though, they are not structurally robust enough for this application.

  18. ‘God created the earth 5,00 years ago….pmsl …earth alone is approximately 4543 billion years old…Nuff said!!

    1. We live in a gullible world where YouTube videos are apparently proof of whatever you portray in them. I live by a cliche my dad used, “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

  19. You put 5,000 wrong, and the earth is NOT 4543 billion years old, because no human knows exactly how old it is!

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