Reality Simpsons: The Family

What would the Simpsons look like if they were real people?

Keeping your feedback in mind from our original Homer study, along with the characteristics of the family members, the following presentation reveals how the entire family would look as real Simpsonoids.

Homer, in his mid-30’s is our favorite donut eating, bumbling buffoon. As a real person, he has proven to be a funny (and often scary) sight.

Marge is the 34 year old mother who the Simpsons rely on to maintain their sanity. She`s the wholesome, grounded yin to her husband`s unpredictable yang.

There have been many instances in which the 6′2″ tall Marge was insinuated as being a very attractive yummy mummy. We chose to begin with a relatively attractive model. Similar to the cartoon, this reality study loses much of her attractiveness as a Simpsonoid.

Bart is generally described as being between 9 and 11 years old. For his sake, we should assume that his hair, not his head itself provides the spiked appearance.

Lisa is 8 years old, an environmental freak, and an apparent genius.

Having been mistaken for a college student, Lisa should have an appearance that conveys her exact age in a slightly visually ambiguous manner. Like Bart’s hair, Lisa’s is also styled in a spiky fashion, contributing to her spiked appearance.

Maggie’s decades long life as a Simpson has only spanned one (eventful) Simpson year.

Reality Simpsons - Simpsons in real life


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129 thoughts on “Reality Simpsons: The Family”

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  2. wow, i really love what you’ve done here!
    only, i think the characters do look a little scary too!

    You were most accurate in making Marge and Homer, and even Bart

    but my personal opinion, no offense, is that Lisa looks too scary and Maggie too!
    and the pets are adorable!

  3. “Can’t sleep. Family will eat me!” Maybe it’s just that they’re all directly facing the camera, which the cartoon Simpsons rarely do, but these folks are nightmare bait. I’m torn with curiosity and revulsion over the thought of Reality Futurama.

  4. To be honest, Blinky the fish looks pretty damned good. The same can be said for Snowball II as well. Santa’s Little Helper looks kind of good except his head seems a little off or could that be just the photo. As for the rest, so-so if not bad.

  5. really, I can’t sleep at night now… they’re soooo scary! the eyes, just lookin.. gulp!
    didn’t like it. sorry.

  6. Wow, this looks soo freaky but cool ^^ Homer is the best, but I think you overdid it with Maggie, Bart and Lisa. I love Snowball II *snuggles*

  7. You messed up by letting them have chins; no Groening characters have chins and the overbite is required not optional

  8. I love the Simpsons, but this is pointless. Its a cartoon. Cartoons are characitures of people.

  9. The fatal flaw with these is that The Simpsons are almost always seen from a diagonal angle. Perhaps try that angle too. Great job.

  10. INCREDIBLY DISTURBING. Reminds me of the creatures created by that kid who controlled the whole town with his mind in the Twilight Zone Movie. I’m gonna have trouble sleeping tonight, thanks.

  11. i think the Marge looks more like somebody from Whoville (from The Grinch) and she looks kind of like a man. Homer and Bart look good tho!

  12. Actually, for all those years right from their beginning,
    I did predict that SOMEONE would portray “The Simpsons” as real people!

    Hell! Ever since the golden days of comics, movies and TV are always seeking the right actor that can portray Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America etc., etc.

    All though the creators would hardly actually entertain us with live-action “Simpsons”, everyone should know that the fine line between animated characters and realistic portrayals are blurred!!!

  13. They look really creepy . . . although, I admit, I’ve always been curious about how they might look in real life. The pets are adorable tho’.

  14. The animals are all pretty good. The family rate for odity value, but couldn’t really say they make an accurate resemblance. Look more like what I imagine Dr Seuss’ had nightmares about.

  15. That’s really bizarre. They’d probably look a lot more realistic if the ears weren’t so tiny and low down… then they’d look frighteningly just-off normal.

    The hand is so cool though!

  16. I wish you could have found people who looked more naturally like the Simpsons than trying to make people look all cartoon-y. They look really wierd with those bug-eyes. Maggie and Lisa both look really creepy.

  17. No…Oh no…what is it? Oh God no, it’s hideous! Those eyes! Those horrible, glaring eyes! NOOOOOOOOO!
    It’s…Homer Simpson as a real person!

  18. No…oh no…what is it? Oh God no, it’s hideous!Those eyes! Those horrible, glaring eyes! NOOOOOOOO! It’s…The Simpsons as real people!

  19. More like “What would the Simpsons look like if they were zombies?” It´s cool but looks more like zombies than humans…:)

  20. Yea, they should look more realistic. No one’s eyes are THAT big and their noses make them look like “Whos”. Lisa & Maggie look too scary especially Maggie as cute as she is SUPPOSED to be. And Marge looks like a man. (Excellent job on the beehive hair though.) The pets, Homer & Bart match the most and still look real.

  21. eww…they look so creepy and disgusting……. i’ve been simpsonized before…..i was pretty…..but when they are real…….its a completely different thing….
    wow…………………… ;p

  22. que bueno, estan perfectos para hacer la remake del video de ‘thriler’ de michael jackson.

  23. WOOOOOOOOOW dude!!!! That is absolutelly crazy!!!! The simpsons in real would be absolutelly ugly people!!!!!LOL!!!

    Great job folks!!! See ya!

  24. These are amazing. The people behind these are really skilled with computer art, and I like the fact that these pictures started off as something completely different. Well done. =D

  25. Oh…. if you´d like to see how mr. burns would look like if he was a real person, just search in google for “josé serra” (a brazilian politician”)… its identical!!!!

  26. Holy fuck, well, there go my sleeping plans for teh night D:>
    Maggie = Hellspawn, and Lisa looks like a dying air mammal. 😛
    Like dis one tiem, when I wuz playign need 4 speed, I beat dat guy named Wolf and he sucked SOOOO bad, dat he ran around screaming “SHIMPSONZ WEEL EET MEZ!!”
    I lol’d. :3

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