Nessie Jr.


Why would there be just one Nessie?

The recent discovery with new supporting video footage of the famous Loch Ness Monster shouldn’t be such a surprise.

With so many new species being discovered everyday, what makes the existence of the Loch Ness ‘Monster’ so unbelievable?
Apes were the stuff of legend until relatively recently, and giant squid were seen as fairy tales up until a few decades ago.

By categorizing these extraordinary creatures as ‘undiscovered species’ and not monsters, perhaps science will take the subject more seriously and pursue the possibilities of such creatures while accepting them as natural conditions of our world.

Below is a representation of what we think the species may look like, based on fuzzy images as well as prehistoric and existing creatures.

2 thoughts on “Nessie Jr.”

  1. News Italy ART
    Unpublished Painting Nessie Monster date 18.01.1949 Artist M.C.ESCHER 1898-1972 NL
    You see : youtube :Nessie Escher

    INTERNET:irpinianews escher

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