Guess the Celebrity Clown

This artist has recently moved his performances into increasingly strange directions ever since he mounted the entertainment world’s highest horse. The absurdity of his off stage antics, rivalry and hyper-inflated ego seem to have manifested themselves on stage, mainly in the form non-functional eyewear that I think I saw in the movie, “Summer School” from 1987.

With all these seemingly comedic clues complete with props, you would probably guess it’s Carrot Top. But as you can see from the image, our subject is not Carrot Top – but is in fact, (slightly more) human.

Who’s making a clown of himself?
Too easy? Bonus: What colour were the sunglasses in “Summer School” of similar style as referenced above?


13 thoughts on “Guess the Celebrity Clown”

  1. Nah, chucks, as bitchy as Oprah can be, she’s never been as big a cry baby.

    He should have tear drops instead of blue triangles, it’d be more apropos.

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