Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Huge Spotlight

It’s no secret that the media pushes unrealistic and unhealthy ideals on women’s bodies. With critics declaring Britney as being too fat to Keira being too thin, you would think that someone such as Jennifer Love Hewitt would be cast as a happy and healthy median.

Unfortunately, most are still in the dark regarding the truth behind the images you see in magazines, on billboards and even on television.
This secret, hidden in plain sight, is an illusion that people must see past in order to understand that these images are portrayals of extreme ideals and rarely reflect reality.

The following image of Jennifer Love Hewitt, based on the huge spotlight recently aimed at her holiday photos, should demonstrate the unfair expectations placed on the stars by taking this spotlight to a creative extreme.

For the record, we fully support Jennifer’s own response to the media’s skewed perspective.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
© Destination Creation, inspired by a Splash image

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38 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Huge Spotlight”

  1. If you can’t tell that picture was editted… I suggest you go find a gun, lock yourself in a room, sit down on your bed, and pull the trigger.

  2. “If you can’t tell that picture was editted… I suggest you go find a gun, lock yourself in a room, sit down on your bed, and pull the trigger.”

    If you don’t understand that it is supposed to be edited, do the same thing, only use a bazooka.

  3. Photoshopping a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt to make it look bad is like putting graffiti on the Sistine Chapel….it’s just wrong and shouldn’t be done. Leave the worlds most beautiful creations alone!

  4. LOLZ.

  5. Man people are so stupid! This is totally photoshopped. It facinates me that people waste their time doing stupid stuff like this. Also bigger people are just a beautiful as skinny people and i would perfer to have meat on my bones rather than to be stick thin and risk my life to please this stupid critical world.

  6. why is it so wrong to be fat
    obviously its bin photoshopped to give people somthing to talk about
    but what is she was really fat
    cmon everyone being skinny isnt cool
    i mean is tights fit you loose hello theres a problem

  7. You morons! This page is about PHOTOSHOPED images… if you are stupid enough to come in looking for real ones.. please stop using a computer for EVER

  8. Wow… that’s REALLY realistic.


    And the funny part is,
    she’s actually still really pretty when she’s fat.
    She actually looks better in this picture than she did in the original.

  9. hey.just coz she had i problem a while it doesent mean that you have to make fun of her!
    Ps.if she wasnt famous nobody would care

  10. You did an excellent job with her face! Very impressive. Her upper arms too — it looks very realistic.

    I stumbled upon this site b/c of the skeleton Kiera picture. (I thought it was real when I saw it as a thumbnail without the explanatory text!) It must be a trip to read through some of your brilliant commenters’ musings.

  11. it’s a stupid photoshopped pic!Get off your hands from your pc and live LOVE alone!I love Jennifer,anyway wonderful.bye

  12. People this photo it’s manipulate. Well she was gained weight but I have see the real photo and this is expanded. Now she lost weight but she has always been beautiful.

  13. Well, it’s SUPPOSED to be edited.. It was, dur. But, I can barely tell. She’s still pretty 🙂

  14. This is not the real photo! I saw the real one and she didn’t even look that bad it was mainly about her having a big butt which is ridiculous but no offense she has never been big… EVER! so this is crazy!

  15. Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Jennifer Is The Most Lovable Woman In The World
    Stop Being So Negtive About Her Weight If She Wants To
    Fat or Skinny Is Her Choice.
    You’re Trying To Control Her As If Trying Be Bossing
    Type Person That don’t Take No For Anything At All.

  16. Ok mister tichenor. We have a capital on every word except for “don’t”, we have negative as negtive. and my two favorites quotes from your comment. “If She Wants To Fat or Skinny Is Her Choice” and of course “You’re Trying To Control Her As If Trying Be Bossing Type Person That don’t Take No For Anything At All”.
    Now Tom, you need to learn english better, you also need to stop posting everything in poem structure. You should also check out what your looking at. This is not a real picture, everything is going to be ok. And im not “trying to be bossing.”

  17. Maybe you should STFU stupid ass! You’re just mad cuz even your mama kicked you into the street you ugly donkey breeder

  18. Hi, I stumbled on your site accidentally …and of course realised straight away you specialise in photoshopping since you are totally upfront about that. Your photos are great but all the “this photo is fake!” comments are HILLARIOUS!!!!

  19. p.s. I named myself “moron” as a tribute to those on the page who are informing us that the photos are fake ha ha ha thanks guys, hey do you happen to know if the sun is hot?

  20. Jennifer Look Better In fat then Thin Why
    Well Fat Is For Some People Want to be Fat then thin
    Cause By So women Are Very Rare to make things change for themselves.
    There are 3 things of reason
    1. If they choose to get thin they need to lose weight rather they like or not.
    2. They are people perfer to get fat to fatter lean heavy weight to heavier as well
    3. they are some people wants to in between them both
    By fat and little thin not too much like doctor said that most believe what regarless what people says .
    As far jennifer Love Hewitt she has the right To Be what she to be or want herself fat or skinny.
    However people perfer her to be Fat.
    Thank You
    John Tichenor

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