About DC

Destination Creation continues to integrate technology with artistic creativity to deliver entertainment, invoke inspiration and produce cutting edge digital media. Through the use of original features, video and imagery, we touch on the topics of the day while tying in their relationship to yesterday and influence on tomorrow. From celebrities to the technology that allows them to shine, Destination Creation explores it all while bringing you along for the ride.

Walking the fine line between artistic creativity and practicality, we use our award winning foundation, production tools, skills, knowledge and marketing experience to provide original and effective business development facilitation, visual marketing and multimedia advertising campaigns and unique creative products through our full service Destination Creation studio. We specialize in realizing creative visions, using only the highest quality production and editing equipment with industry standard hardware and software.

About the Artist

“Adnan Saleem (the man behind the horror) has done it again…”
Comedy Central Insider

“I ****ing love it. Creepy/happy/sad is my bag, and this does it better than anything…”
James Gunn, Writer, Director – Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Dead, Slither on DC’s ZombieMe.

Growing up in a world mixed with magic, art and technology, Adnan Saleem has always worked toward bringing his greatest passions together in a manner that would allow his creativity to be expressed in multi-sensory and often, enchanting ways. As a child, drawing, sketching and painting took up much of his time. The rest of his leisure was filled with books about magic, experiencing shows of the great performers of his childhood and performing illusions himself as a physical outlet for his creative thirst. As he grew up, never letting go of that paintbrush, he strived toward illustrating and creating increasingly realistic works of art, often involving illusionary concepts and surrealistic undertones.

With his first personal computer in 1987, Adnan began to use some of the most primordial graphics software to further enhance the realism of his artwork. With only mid 80’s hardware and a 40 megabyte hard-drive, the digital process was tedious, but proved to be an effective tool. New media allowed his surreal works to be more realistic, enhancing the believability of their inherent illusions. Sculpture later followed, allowing for more dynamic and interactive works which brought his two dimensional concepts into a more tangible reality.

His understanding in magic, illusion and the creative arts began to form a unique dance of multi-disciplinary expression. His professional magic debut began with a performance at the oldest operating baseball grounds in the world, Labatt Memorial Park, in Ontario, Canada in 1999.

Magic, illusion and performance continued to play a critical role in his creative process while technology and innovation became increasingly important tools for both creation and presentation. Education at both college and university levels gave the artist practical, as well as historic and theoretical insights into his creative passions. Integrating this new found knowledge with his existing tool set allowed him to win numerous awards such as at ‘The League for Innovation’, held in Etobicoke, Ontario in 2000, as well as over 40 Advanced Multimedia Competitions. Adnan is currently included in the Hall of Fame at the highly acclaimed Worth 1000 Multimedia Competition (a Webware 100 winner) as ‘DestinationCreation’ and has had his work featured in publications including the popular tutorials textbook published by Thompson Course Technology titled, When Pancakes Go Bad – Optical Delusions with Adobe Photoshop. His work has also been featured on AOLtv’s TV-SquadComedy Central Insider, VH1 and other entertainment outlets around the world. In December 2007, Adnan was among the top 150 independent producers on Metacafe, sharing over $1,000,000 in advertising revenue for his creative online videos. He has since transitioned to Youtube as his main provider, which has earned him a top 100 Canadian Director rank as a Youtube Partner with over 40 Million video views and 30,000+ subscribers as of Jan 2024.

Initially launching Destination Creation Studios as a creative outlet, Adnan began to apply his unique use of multimedia and magic to produce original, fresh and innovative media applications, special effects and commercial design, often merging his various creative abilities to achieve exceedingly high realism in his work. DC has since become a destination to experience original and explorative creations for thousands of daily visitors, as well as for companies who benefit from DC’s unique and creative marketing services.

Launching ZombieMe.com in 2007, this creative web service quickly became the fastest growing destination for custom horror and zombie portraits. Using clients’ own photographs, Adnan digitally transforms them into Hollywood-quality, realistic zombies. The do-it-yourself, free generator was later launched, attracting even more zombie lovers, reaching over 100,000 registered users as of January 2013. ZombieMe.com has gained great support from high profile sources, including James Gunn, (writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Dead and Slither). He has supported the project since its initial launch on his own website and MySpace blog. In 2011, PETA approached Adnan to partner with ZombieMe to power their online generator for their successful campaign, Flesh is for Zombies. ZombieMe is now the largest online provider of photo-realistic, custom zombie portraits, and also continues to serve thousands through the free online generator.

In 2021, Adnan expanded his creative footprint into tangible products including gothic styled apparel and lifestyle accessories. His unique products were launched on his own site, ALTstyled.com and marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon. Within 24 months, over 10,000 products were sold, earning him a top 1% position in all Etsy stores. From T-shirts to handbags to shower curtains to phone cases, over 500 unique products are now available to help horror and goth lovers find their favourite shade of black.

Sharing creative ideas has always been important to Adnan, as he actively collaborates with other independent multimedia professionals and creative artists. Critical reasoning, creative ambition, problem solving, craftsmanship and presentation are among the tools he values most.

Whether in his hand is a deck of cards, paintbrush, a lump of clay or a graphics tablet, Adnan Saleem will undoubtedly produce a form of creative impossibility in a highly convincing manner. As long as he is on stage, with friends or in his studio, he will always have a reason to astound.