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  1. Is this possible or not?! I tried with some magnets I had lying around the house, don’t know if they were neodymium but got no levitation out of it. Please I would like to know if this is fake or not.

  2. This is not real. It is possible to levitate magnets with other magnets, see the Levitron top. The reason the Levitron works is because the top is a magnet and spinning it provides stability. There is nothing here to provide stability and the antenna would do absolutely nothing.

  3. For those who are wondering how to get the neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are the type of magnets that are contained in a computer’s hard drive. So, these are easy to obtain.

  4. I’m only 14, yet I do have a semi-thorough understanding of basic quantum mechanics 🙂

    If I am correct, this setup should create a transverse electromagnetic wave whose oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of propagation (energy transfer). These waves should be strong enough repel against the opposing changes of the magnetic fields of both the north and south facing neodymium magnets in order to provide lift for the board and keep it stable. Therefore, I can deem this theoretically possible and I will make an attempt to duplicate it. The only thing I’m wondering about is how the board stays airborne after the “Launchpad” is removed… Maybe something related to ratio of the wavelength to the size of the diffracting object? kinematic theory of diffraction?

  5. This is amazing! But i have a few questions. How much weight does this support? And is it possible to reproduce this on a larger scale?

  6. it is real.
    to Know which is n and s you think.
    n atracts to s but not n
    s atracts to n but not s.
    it dose not mater if n and s are in difrent spots.
    this works because n repels n away from it.

  7. Can you produce a list of things needed to create? Are all the magnets the same size, and how wide and thick are they? A list really is needed, thanks Chris

  8. Can humans stand on it if it was large enough? Can you push it around or does it have to stay in the same place?

  9. The idea seems plausible. Electromagnetics makes it so. Electricity and magnetic forces interact perpendicularly to each other, hence the launch pad. However I’d like dc to explain why the hoverboard remained after the launchpad was removed. Please and thank you

  10. hi i asked a magnet maker to make me two 6/1/4 ” x 20mm magnets as two big magnets that i could have continually ionized, to have electromagnetic anti gravity, the engineer said it wouldnt work, they’re all in on this not to be used by anyone but the military. anyway it would work on a larger scale with a self contained battery pack as an attached launpad style power supply – batteries, magnets copper, power switch, launch gear, there is a guy that made one and exhibited it france, he didnt show it moving along above ground but displayed up on a platform.

  11. I find this hard to believe, I can see no evidence of wires but I would like to know what is hidden under under the charcoal black material. It wouldn’t happen to be a block of copper sitting in a bath of liquid nitrogen would it. I’m not saying this is impossible, because I believe anything is possible given the right conditions doing is believing video’s frequently lie!

  12. Excuse me, but what are the sizes (measurements, specifications) of the magnets? Thanks in forward.

  13. first he achieves levitation cause of the battery, because if you connect a battery to a metalic object it turn on a electro magnetic field.!

    THAT WAS EASY!!! 😉

  14. I know this works and is real. I’m in the process of making a PROPER hoverboard myself and i am only 12. Me and my friend (12 also) are working on one that has more features like electronic stablization, turning and MORE! The board will be like the new iPhone- Every is buying one. Look for names either C.W. or H.B. 🙂

    P.S. Also u helped me DestinationCreation with an idea. Thx


  15. hey I was wondering if I could get a list or something because I really want to make one or a few and I don’t know where to get the magnets or what they really are even though it says it I just don’t know what sixe they are

  16. ich glaube dieses viedeo schon aber ich habes versucht hat nicht geklappt welche Neodym-Magneten muss man da nehmen?

  17. What is the use of a loop antenna? Connections of the launch pad were not so clear. can you explain them again? Where to get the loop antenna?

  18. What is the material of the board, it’s not wood but like a foam kind could someone please give me the name for my school project

  19. Someone sent this to me and asked what I thought…and for all the builder hopefuls on here a couple notes; First, in reviewing all the comments, no one has taken into consideration the earths own magnetic field and influence separate from all the devices that are removed – essentially functions like a much bigger antenna surrounding the whole system. Second, if you’re trying to scale up, take into consideration the size of the antenna relative to the board and what its function is (consult a second year college engineering physics book). Third – you do not have to buy a loop antenna,it is just some metal wire surrounded by plastic, would be stronger if you made your own without plastic and different gauge/metal. Fourth – Scale up requires larger electrical energy supply and understanding of the physics of each component – gain that understanding and build a board you can ride around the living room. Good luck.

  20. I have built two of these myself. I used a very light balsa wood structure to build it, it works fine except that somehow they only last about 1/2 an hour, then they have to be polarized again. I do not understand why!

  21. Banana – Would you please tell me how you connected the battery, magnet and loop antenna? Thanks in advance!

  22. What is the loop antenna for?? Short circuit?? Can i also use a lamp or something like this so there is no short circuit?

  23. It is possible in fact. There is the bullet train in Japan that is the exact same concept… but with a train. This proving that it can be mad to a larger scale and ca possibly be the future of hover boards.

  24. i believe this and does it have to be just neodymium magnets? ive got the loop antenna and the coathanger ready but not the magnets yet.

  25. i believe that next year their will be a prototype ready but first we need to know how to move the board instead of just staying in one spot spinning. any ideas? im only 16 years old

  26. the things we need to focus on is

    1) is anyone going to build a bigger one.
    2) how can we make it shift forward only.

  27. Please let me konw how get i magnetic RF launch pad and what is it bottom of basement ? is it ironable or normal floor ?
    Thanks in advance for your assist

    Mike park

  28. Alright, I bought a delorean toy car and I will put the magnets inside it, will it still work? And if it does, what is the use of the loop antenna?

  29. I found the decals simply by googling “BTTF2 Hoverboard decals” which let me to a forums page and a link to a PDF file I downloaded the file and whala had it.
    (Need to get ink for my printer then print them out.)

    For the board material I am using foam poster board.

    You’ll need an exacto knife to cut it out, just cut out the decals then use the scrap paper to trace the outline on the board.

    I bought the neodymium or earth magnets at a craft store, you’ll need 8 and they are .5 inches x 12.7 mm. How the video shows to place them N “North” and S “South” you can figure out that by being aware that, “opposites attract” (in the magnetic world). YouTube has videos to help you out.

    For the loop antenna, I had one on an old stereo system, but they can be found at hobby shops, or you can follow youtube videos on how to make your own.

    The battery is a AA.

    I will post as I test it out, have fun!

  30. This really shows that there are still individuals that value what they submit on the web. I truly loved reading the comments.

  31. Can someone tell me how this floats? Is the board repelling another magnet on the table in order for it to stay in the air?

  32. What is the actual board made out of Styrofoam? we would like to make one of these in our local science fair

  33. Can anyone tell me how to connect the antenna to the hanger and what is the hanger made up of ,I mean what metal?

  34. If i makes it work ima get an old skate board and take wheels off and try stronger magnets in that add 2 loose magnets for vertical and horizontal parts so when i lean it moves faster

  35. You can make theese and sell em for like 75 to 100 $ each and make a huge profit i know some people who want a real hover board for 250$ wow!

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