Scarlett Johansson is great at playing the wholesome girl next door, but why do so many performers continue to typecast themselves without exploring their potential? Well, we’re bypassing their answer to bring you a darker Scarlett.


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23 Replies on “Blood Scarlett Red”

  1. swedishdave Says:

    fantasitc picture. i like the heavy eyeliner, the blood from the left bitehole seems a bit off though.

    good work.

  2. yukondude Says:

    Does she not look like a young Marilu Henner in this pic?

    Hot even if you don’t agree.

  3. briantw Says:

    I like the boobie

  4. Brittany Says:

    oh my god I’d totally do scarlett. She looks ***ing hot here. She should totally go for this look in real life

  5. Mike Says:

    Nice work!

    Eyeliner never looks that fine-edged though, you should fuzz/blend it a bit.

    If you move the streak of blood up a bit across the cleavage, it will bring both out more (ala make-up techniques–yes, chicks put make up in their cleavage… sometimes).

  6. funkyj Says:

    nice but the boobs are way too small.

  7. jane doe Says:


    The beebs are not too small, maybe a bit too big!

  8. jane doe Says:

    boobs that is

  9. Haunt Dog Says:

    She would make a nice Vampirella.

  10. john Says:

    do you think you can do the two holes on her neck?

  11. condor Says:

    i want - her all!!

  12. Big_nick69 Says:

    damn she looks so sexy…Scarlett Johanssan has big slutty tits too!

  13. tedz Says:

    that much eye makeup is nasty.

  14. SexiEmoGurl Says:

    i love this pic. she is so damn hott. me and my man would LOVE to get that in bed.


  15. The Wanter Says:

    Darker Scarlett? Give me a nakeder Scarlett and you’ll get my attention.

  16. mapi Says:

    soy visexual asi que digo que ella es hot quisiera sexo con ella

  17. mapi Says:

    osi me gusta esa nena

  18. KemoSabe Says:

    She’s looking pretty slim and gorgeous

  19. Deepak Says:

    in every way, she is gorgeous.

  20. Me Says:

    she would be great as a vampire

  21. Me, Myself and I Says:

    Soooooooo hot!!!
    Scarlett is really sexy n curvy!!
    (Nice bust too!!)

  22. BloodViron Says:

    Holly Shit now this is 100% my taste……sexy as hell!!!

  23. esmeralda Says:

    miei occhi son così

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