Head on a Spike: Paris Hilton

Thanks to your feedback, we are more than happy to present you with our first celebrity head, freshly skewered on a spike. While some of your suggestions were compelling, we didn’t want the hassles of the potential ‘implications’ that could have been caused by Bush and we just didn’t understand the Matt Damon request.

This depiction of Paris Hilton’s head on a spike should serve as a perfect, satisfying outlet for all.


20 thoughts on “Head on a Spike: Paris Hilton”

  1. Yeah we all love to rag on this celebutard, but admit it once and for all, guys, given the chance you’d nail her… while recording it, and then brag about it.

  2. ehh i don’t understand peoples gripe with her, yea shes a little dumb but any one of us guy or girl would act exactly the same if you grew up with that wealth and looks. all she does is party, don’t we all get a lil stupid when we party? jealous haters…

  3. @jeeeeebs–

    umm… actually there are *some* people that *did* grow up with looks and money, and they’re not like her. I actually party, and get a lil stupid, but that definition refers to me talking about how quantum physics blows my mind and my bf and I talk about black holes. You are what you CHOOSE to be. And any smart person would rather not have all their stupid antics posted all over the world, but hey, Paris Hilton just isn’t that smart I guess.

  4. hello, i love miss hilton. she is sexy and i can’t wait to hear what she does next! x

  5. Funny, but really I would have rather seen Bush get this treatment. If ANYONE deserves it, the Father of Destruction certainly does. Paris may be stupid, but stupidity combined with power(and)with basic animal cunning/morals thrown in the mix leads to some pretty nasty horror scenarios. Paris lacks the last two ‘attributes’. Plus, at least she’s a lot nicer to look at than Bush. I could think of SO many things you could do with/to him given your talents.

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