Gender & Race Transformation: Black Male to Blonde Female

While digital tools are allowing ever increased possibilities for creative expression, they are also increasingly being used in applications with more commercial intentions. From touching up models to digitally freshening food, these effects are used as subtle devices designed to (often subconsciously) appeal to certain audiences and tastes.

We thought we would explore this idea by not only demonstrating a digital transformation, but also dismissing subtlety altogether and transforming a masculine black man into a sexy blonde girl. The process reveals how the entire facial structure was derived solely from that of the original male source model.

14 thoughts on “Gender & Race Transformation: Black Male to Blonde Female”

  1. The white girl doesn’t even look real, and there’s no point in reducing the size of the jaw and cheekbones.

  2. a lot of the transitions were poorly done and could obviously be seen as a simple fade technique. This clip did not represent transformation properly, it represented transgendered.

  3. I’ll have these guys know that people who change their sex look just as much like women as any normal women do. So how can you tell the difference?
    Eventually it LOOKS like a girl, so how can you tell if it’s freaking transgendered or not?

    I think it’s pretty good!

  4. I didn’t think it was anywhere close to the original male myself (perhaps the nose and lips barely?) as for the whole transgender and transvestite comments, I don’t think they were at all going there.

    I think this was more a case of, if we took a black man,made a white woman and see what the “attraction” level is. Period. not, what would that man look like trans-anything.

    Sheesh people, consider it from a logical thing, instead of some brainless thought process.

    Though, again I don’t feel the original picture at all was represented, the eyes way larger than any normal person’s normal eyes etc.

  5. Меня очень занял ваш пост.
    Могу ли я связаться с вами в личке для более подробного обсуждения темы?

  6. To Omar and OX_Bigly,
    Please do not insult Micheal Jackson like that!!!
    It is not his fault that he got burned and had skin desease. He had no choise but to bleach himself. That doesn’t the fact that he was a GREAT person


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