Greed is more Powerful than Death

With Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu’s fortune recently surpassing that of Bill Gates, the world’s elite are taking notice. His 8 billion dollar surplus over Mr. Gates is being attributed to diversification, as Slim holds stakes in the country’s telecommunications, construction and banking systems. Monopoly, power and corruption obviously haven’t played a role in this case.

This new level of financial power will undoubtedly require other billionaires to be more creative in order to sustain their positions. America’s favorite rich man, Donald Trump, has a head start on this idea by dabbling in casinos, television and even bottled water. He crossed the line when he announced the founding of his own university. The following is a possible scenario of the near future, if these trends in extreme financial segregation continue.

I held the world in the palm of my hand,
When my private jet failed to safely land.

I hired a cheaper pilot to save some money I’ve earned.
“You’re Fired” was my catch phrase,
-but it was me that burned.

My riches and my power could not save me.
Instead, I was killed by luxury.

I could think of only money with my final breath,
Because greed is much more powerful than death.

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