Homer Simpson’s Skull: Homer Under the Ink
The Simpsons, with their bulging eyes, huge overbites and unique anatomy, are obviously a species of their own. While we are familiar with their external appearance as illustrated for their on-screen cartoon environment, here’s a look at how a Simpsonoid skull would look in the real world, as compared to a human one.


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12 Replies on “Homer Simpson: Under the Ink”

  1. JJ Says:

    v cool image and love the homer pic in the back!

  2. Respected Anarchaeologist Says:

    Homo Simpsien..heh..

  3. NJ Says:

    Wow, that is really nice!

  4. Downloadic Says:

    Cool and very creative work!

  5. Sofiane Says:

    pouvez vous me faire en simpsons?

  6. rob Says:

    Should have called it a “homer sapiens” instead. Makes more sense.

  7. Tj Says:

    it’s rick astley

  8. Chuck Says:

    No, rob. ‘Homo’ means man. ‘Sapiens’ means wise. The simpsons are a type of human, but I draw the line at wise.
    I’m kind of worried at the idea of Rick Astley being used as a definitive example of our species, though.

  9. susan Says:

    wow thats good you no thats cool it actuall yworks
    anyway arent there any games here i thought there were gamed and i came here forem

  10. andrew Says:

    Chuck, if you have ever watched the show and looked beyond the cartoon fun you would see that the simpsons are not only wise but brilliant as well. They are not, however, man. They are a cartoon. Therefore homer sapien not only sounds better, but it also more appropriate

  11. TOrq Says:

    very funny:P

  12. doni Says:

    o may good

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