Cell Phone Steak

Cellular communication devices. Small, convenient and indispensable gizmos to most of us. Unfortunately, these electronic miracles come with a little secret.

Studies have shown that cell phones can leak more electromagnetic radiation than microwave ovens. This fact has recently been explored by the numerous mock-demonstrations of popping popcorn with ordinary cell phones. We thought we’d take this idea further by depicting the process of electromagnetically roasting an angus steak, using nothing more than cellular phones. As you can see, this demonstration illustrates how your cell phone may burn more than just the hole in your wallet.

23 thoughts on “Cell Phone Steak”

  1. For one thing, it would take MORE energy to call a cell phone farther away, so putting the recieving phone right next to the calling one doesn’t make it any more special. Not like cell phone signals go straight from phone to phone, cuz they don’t. They go to satellites. PLUS, since you only use one phone to call your friends, it would take twice as long to cook the steak with half the energy; the energy of one phone. Which would be about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Yeah, so why is it that humans can survive making half-hour phone calls then? Hmmmmm…

  2. wow, nobody really get this site, do they? OF COURSE IT’S FAKE!!! notice it’s listed under ‘illusionary arts’? ‘smart’ people so eager to shoot someone down in ignorance without even reading a paragraph; the american way. j.xo

  3. Ok well so fake!
    If you heard on tv, they said that the whole kids with the cellphones popping the popcorn was a hoax that they had all planned. This obviously isn’t real at all. My main question is, is why did he turn the other cellphones upside down? Wouldn’t it have the same effect when they were face up? Oh…I know the cellphones aren’t even being called, because they wouldn’t ring for that long, they would go to voicemail after a few short rings. And why did it start cooking AFTER he added the salt..hm…something to ponder on? And the steak didn’t look real at the beginning, perhaps it’s a tool of somesort that changes when a certain chemical is added to it. Hm…

  4. yes, it’s clearly a fake. the apparent “cooking” process was made by fading through 4 different images taken of the steak at various degrees of cooked-ness. see for yourself: once the entire video has loaded, pause it and drag the slider through the cooking process. you’ll see the 4 stages.

  5. Anyone who thinks they are adding something to the conversation by declaring this a fake has completely missed the point of this section of the site and the entire site in general. This isn’t a “Amazing but True” site. Its a site about fakes, manipulations, illusions etcetera so stop wasting what little brain power you have to leave comments “explaining” how you, with your exquisite detective skills, came to the conclusion that a video of a steak being cooked with 4 cellphones is ultimately a fake. All you are doing is proving to others how your school teachers failed at their job and that you should not be allowed to pass on your genetic material to the next generation.

    Almost as amusing as the video itself is the comments people make trying to figure out the “illusionary art” of the steak being cooked. I think the easiest explanation is that the video is manipulated and did not cook in three minutes. That makes more sense than the idea that a chemical reaction induced by the salt or whatever it was that got sprinkled on is the cause of the steak appearing cooked at the end. It’s a lot easier to fake the video than to video a fake.

  6. all of you are retarded. it’s supposed to be fake. ILLUSIONARY ARTS! but nooo, instead of reading, you actually want to jump down people’s throats, you ignorant little cunts. jeez.

  7. He put lemon juice on it. The acidity in the the Lemon Juice is of high of enough concentration to actually “cook” the steak with out heat. Using just lemon juice to cook is an art; as a lot of fish can be cooked the same way.

  8. This is just for Nicole. We all know it is fake. But then so are you. What kind of woman cannot communicate her point without using the vulgarity that you do? I truly pity someone with a total lack of communication skills. To use you wording in a public forum just shows how sick a person you yourself are.

  9. 1. I dont get how not hiding how she truly talks makes Nicole fake >.> 2. Not just women but men…what type of people (aaaall humans) cannot communicate his or her point with using any vulgarity. 3. HELLO EVERYONE….its obviously fake. As said this is NOT to decieve but he is doing this as art. He knows its fake…its not meant to be sent out as real. EVERYONE…we know…EVERYONE stop being ignorant. I pity you all. except people like nicole. I understand how annoying it is to see people post about it being fake becuase people are too busy trying to find faults in what others do—-its pathetic.
    Have a wonderful day and Cya on the Moon

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