Thanks to your feedback, we are more than happy to present you with our first celebrity head, freshly skewered on a spike. While some of your suggestions were compelling, we didn’t want the hassles of the potential ‘implications’ that could have been caused by Bush and we just didn’t understand the Matt Damon request.

This depiction of Paris Hilton’s head on a spike should serve as a perfect, satisfying outlet for all.
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Liv used to be the playful and quirky girl next door. Best known for her creative causes to change the world, she’s recently been stirring up quite a buzz by going to great lengths in support of potentially great leaders such as Ron Paul (Fox News clip) and promoting alternative (alcohol-based) dietary habits.
After her recent creative project with DC, her charm will never be the same.

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When Halloween approaches, a full moon over the Hills allows the ugliness of the girls’ rivalries to manifest themselves through a dark zombie-like transformation.
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A 30 second stop motion animation study created with Post-It notes.
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This faceless head on a spike, although satisfyingly graphic and gory, may leave you with an empty longing to fill the void with a specific identity.

As a creative Halloween treat, Destination Creation would like to provide you with the rare opportunity to place a celebrity’s head on a spike. If you could choose any famous person, rip their head off and place it on a rusty spike, who would it be? Cast your votes in the comments below. The winner will be revealed in its gruesome glory on the eve of Halloween.
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The art of Zombification has come a long way from its mythical origins. Instead of relying on black magic and rituals to raise the dead, today we can use digital means to transform anyone into a realistic, brain craving zombie.
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