Zombifying a Human


The art of Zombification has come a long way from its mythical origins. Instead of relying on black magic and rituals to raise the dead, today we can use digital means to transform anyone into a realistic, brain craving zombie.

This presentation reveals the process behind the creative art of modern digital Zombification.

Thanks to Kipkay for volunteering to be victimized in this creative project. You can check out some of his work here.


7 thoughts on “Zombifying a Human”

  1. ok so how dya do it?, please dont say i need photoshop or paintshop. they blow me away 🙁

    erm could i use something like software from Ulead? cmon i wanna play. great work btw but not scary enough for me hehe i dont mind my email addy being shown, need input n knowledge please.

  2. arghhhhhh, damn, ok, guess ill either have to learn or try posting my own lil version lol, can i do that here?

  3. A typical zombification takes a couple of hours. Since the aim of this zombification was to present the process, it took slightly longer since various (chronologically specific) stages had to be isolated and still look interesting. Each of these components, although representing an unfinished point in the creation, were ‘refined’ before assembling the animated sequence.

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