Studies have shown that we are getting less sleep, less exercise and less real world interaction. Television and video games are turning our kids into zombies, the mass media is blinding us from the truth and the internet is drawing us into a world of virtual interaction full of cryptic characters instead of real emotion.

Experts agree that we should make time for activities that benefit us in a more natural way while promoting real human interaction. Yoga, generally a one person activity, is continuing to gain popularity, as well as evolving into other forms than simply stretching and meditation. While these exercises may promote internal emotional and spiritual bliss, they must be accompanied by more physical activities in order to nurture the body along with the mind. Bowling is a great way for many non-athletes to get this physical exercise, as it involves hand-eye coordination, concentration and moderate weight lifting if you‘re not a 5-pin sissy. Other experts stress the need of more social, group activities and sports such as baseball or volleyball.

With all these recommendations, who has the time with the hundreds of emails to answer, shows to watch and video game levels to complete? Don’t abandon that impossible game, don’t turn off the tube and don’t quit surfing the net just yet. We have the ultimate solution for today’s socially withdrawn digital hermit who seeks an enlightened mind, body and spirit. We call it ‘tumbowling’.

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