Tribute: Escher

A tribute to the explorative depiction of a human head, created with a ribbon of imagination, inspired by Escher.
Created in Photoshop using the image below.

4 thoughts on “Tribute: Escher”

  1. Congratulations, this is really awesome, love your lights in the right side,
    i’ll like to see more of your stuff…
    What i would do, to finish it, (just as an opinion):

    *Layers of the back of the head that you’ve created
    need a blur effect for distance purpose.

    *Bottom corner left hand side of the object, looks good, but too fake.

    *The bottom is too weightless needs something to give it more weight.

    *And the shadow at the bottom, remember, is a shadow and a reflecting image at the same time… you changed the reflecting image, but the one at the bottom on the left is still the same shadow needs the spiral sensation.

    other than that… you got it!


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