Katie Holmes: Unplugged


By now, we should all be aware of the power of digital manipulation and how you shouldn’t take every picture you see at face value. This infamous Redbook magazine cover starring Faith Hill is yet another example of how digital trickery is used everyday. Only as digital representations can stars get prettier, younger and closer to perfection as they age.

It seems Katie Holmes has taken this idea a step further by having her everyday snapshots chopped. A fat, balding source named Mitch from her local Photo-Hut provided us with this untouched picture taken just last week of Katie without the digital makeup.


7 thoughts on “Katie Holmes: Unplugged”

  1. That picture was totally photo-shopped. I should know, I get paid to edit pictures. It’s a very simple thing to do if you have an editing program. It may have been believed if they left out the warts and actually made the wrinkles look believable, but whoever edited this pic obviously didn’t. I don’t know about you guys, but my grandma’s wrinkles sag down, not up like her supposed “real” cheeks… Wow, Newton’s law of gravity has just been proven wrong. Is the apocalypse coming now?

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