Commemorating Clive

After seeing Shoot ‘Em Up, I have to wonder what made Clive Owen take on the role. Did he read the script? Paul Giamatti is known for taking professional risks – perhaps he talked him into it. Or maybe they wrote in the ‘shooting the umbilical cord’ scene after he accepted.

Either way, I’ve never seen someone shoot an umbilical cord, nor have I been more entertained by such a ridiculous movie since Transporter 2 (specifically the scene in which Stathom manages to launch his car in the air, spin it upside-down, dispose of a bomb from its underbelly on a conveniently positioned hook hanging from a crane while completing the spin and landing on all four wheels). We had no choice but to commemorate Clive by casting him in stone. Looking back at our decision, we then decided to take a couple of shots at him ourselves before presenting it.


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