21 thoughts on “Chocolate Brains”

  1. I like how you made fun of my “Chocolate Rain” song. Nice one. And yes I am Tay Zonday

  2. Hey guys, I`m the real Tay Zonday.I`m not kidding in my whole life. I don`t like the zombie music kind. But, I like the effect. Please don`t make fun of my songs.

    Thank You,
    Tay Z.

  3. I’m not Tay Zonday! Wow!

    I must say, though I do prefer the original on this one. Perhaps it is because the Zombie effects scare me slightly. 🙂

  4. Pretty funny video about my song. Yes I am Tay Zonday…The real Tay Zonday. “Changing the world one song at a time”, please feel free to quote me on that.

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