It appears you can’t be a star now days without a killer tattoo. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t have a great reputation for holding on to fads. In an attempt to stay one step ahead of the trends, Angelina takes this body modification thing a little too far.
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We were patiently waiting for the latest news regarding Bush’s recent executive order banning war protests to hit the main stream so we could spoof the situation. It didn’t happen. Aside from a few mentions here and there, this story just didn’t make the front page.
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There are too many continuing accounts of the unexplained to ignore them all. This is one of my all time favourites. The police officers are a large factor in assessing its authenticity to some, but they can also be argued as being ‘stooges’, the oldest tools in trickery.

Many mysteries can be explained scientifically and others can even be replicated, as in this explanation of the Marfa Lights. Still, some mysteries continue to evade the most hardened skeptic’s ability to comprehend their origin or process on a rational level.

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Scarlett Johansson is great at playing the wholesome girl next door, but why do so many performers continue to typecast themselves without exploring their potential? Well, we’re bypassing their answer to bring you a darker Scarlett.
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Much of my artwork you see at DC may involve illusion, but is not considered magic, since their creative process is apparent in most cases, ie. digital manipulation, obvious optical devices, etc. However, their relation to magic is closer than you may think. When creating realistic visual art depicting the impossible, the aim is similar to that of magic, only differing in its delivery and presentation.

Magic is an art that requires the same research, dedication and discipline as any other. When performed with the intent to entertain, performance magic becomes an art of illusion, tying in scientific principles and psychology with artistic presentation and choreography. The secrets behind performance magic have been used for many purposes other than to entertain. Such instances include people who claim to have psychic powers for monetary gain, using the art as a tool for deception. Because of this, many have grown to be skeptical of the art, even though the artist, to which they are directing their skepticism, may not have even claimed special powers.
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Where’s Paris Hilton’s funny mugshot? Her real one (below) looks more like a glamour shot.
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