Alienating a Human


There are too many continuing accounts of the unexplained to ignore them all. This is one of my all time favourites. The police officers are a large factor in assessing its authenticity to some, but they can also be argued as being ‘stooges’, the oldest tools in trickery.

Many mysteries can be explained scientifically and others can even be replicated, as in this explanation of the Marfa Lights. Still, some mysteries continue to evade the most hardened skeptic’s ability to comprehend their origin or process on a rational level.

This leaves such subjects open to conspiracy theorists, the media and the general public who sometimes complicate these anomalies further. While believers continue to believe and critics continue to turn the other cheek, both cannot deny that paranormal concepts manifest themselves physically.

The first step to unravelling the mystery of mysteries is to see everything that is anomalous as residing on a sliding scale, along with science. If ghosts, extraterrestrials, UFO’s and Big Foot actually exist, they would only be unscientific until they are classified into their respective categories of species, chemical composition, frequency, etc. If they are in fact, proven to be nonexistent, their video footage, photographs and eye-witness accounts cannot be denied. In these instances, critical judgement must come into play.

Today’s technology is allowing for increased abilities to create impossible scenarios in film, video, and imaging. The nature of digital media itself is creating a greater gap between science and the paranormal. By the time a video or image is received in an email or posted on a website, it usually has already been reproduced, compressed and lost much of its original information, which in most cases, is useless to a scientist but perfect junk food for the dreamer’s mind.

Until die hard scientists realize that 99% of science has yet to be discovered, classified and explained, science will continue to evolve separately from magic, the paranormal, religion and spirit. Similarly, until theorists of conspiracy and irrational observers realize that not all unexplained phenomena are truly as they appear, they will continue to lose credibility when those that are illusions are revealed as such.

Science, the paranormal and magic all have their true presence in our world. However, our relationship with the way they present themselves, the way we perceive them and most importantly, the way the representations of their existence are delivered to us, are alienating humans from the wonders of nature and the truth about those wonders.

7 thoughts on “Alienating a Human”

  1. “Until die hard scientists realize that 99% of science has yet to be discovered…”

    Don’t know much about scientists, do you? I’ve never been around people as curious, fun-loving, cheerful people, as a group, in my life. Being a scientist requires an open mind; most scientists would like proof, though. Something that the golliwogs you mentioned have a difficult time with.

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