A robot rebooting herself, based on a renaissance classic.


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  1. m00n_s00n Says:


    what is the title of the original, can you please tell me?

  2. DC Says:

    Sure, that would be William Bouguereau’s ‘After the Bath’


  3. master Says:

    esta demasiado malisimo q mierda de porqueria oyeron

  4. VsideGirl88 Says:

    Wow! thats a really cool one, too bad we can only upload and create Zombies, Vamps and Simpsons stuff, cuz that Robot Reboot is an awesome effect!!!!

  5. William_Adolphe Says:

    The Creator of this image seems to be a litle prude!!!!!

    -> the nipples were removed!

    thats ridiculous…

  6. John Says:

    a robot doesnt need nipples

  7. Mordoz Lord of Cookies Says:

    a robot doesn’t need breasts either. Nor a nose, or lips or skin or anything human on it at all.

    For that matter robots don’t NEED at all.

  8. xyborx Says:

    This can be possible for modern art in Mars.

  9. xyborx Says:

    If you’re an artistic scientist everything can be possible.

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