Angelina Jolie may represent the pinnacle of today’s standards of beauty, but even she has a long way to go to reach the ideals that our superficial society craves. Since these cravings have evolved around airbrushed media, illusions of Hollywood and unrealistic perfection, the ideal Angelina is in truth, made of the same unnatural material from which her perceived perfection originates.
Angelina Jolie

Created with the original Angelina below.

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23 Replies on “Angelina Doll-ie”

  1. Harry Says:

    Nice transformation. She’s pretty.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Even as a doll her breast still look real

  3. cookies Says:

    omg im amazed… even as a doll she looks absolutely stunning!
    loads of detail is included and her skin looks radiant!

  4. sinka Says:

    those eyes are freaky a bit :D too big

  5. abdulll Says:

    bole laaa… ntah aper2 kojo eh tah… bek balek… msk nasik

  6. gina Says:

    how can I make those pictues?
    they are really great.

  7. barthelemy Says:

    pedro mùiguel pauleta

  8. Zombinette Says:

    wow this will seem weird but the weirdest is the original photo isn’t her head hella too big?!

  9. Farvszombie Says:

    “Angelina Jolie may represent the pinnacle of today’s standards of beauty”

    Give me a break. There are tons of women out there who are prettier by far than Angelina.

  10. nacho124 Says:

    well, i think its great work, i want to be like you when i grow up, can i? lol

    in my opinion you made an incredibly realistic doll!
    no doubt, i would buy it!!

    also i would like to learn how to do things like this, i tried some techniques but i couldn’t done something like this, so if you can, please, contact me.


  11. ANONYMMY Says:

    hot hot hhot angelina
    the titenARE GREAT^^^°°°°

  12. Guido Says:

    I don’t notice anything different. :P

  13. amira Says:


  14. cacau Says:

    eu acho que exageraram no peito ein?! :x
    kkkkkkkkkkkk ;*

  15. IMAN Says:


  16. IMAN Says:

    خیلی زیباست

  17. xxx Says:


  18. xxx Says:

    who buy it

  19. xoxo Says:

    c super impressionnant tout ce qon pe faire de nos jour bravo aux createurs

  20. essie Says:

    i would luv that dolie shez pritty

  21. essie & robsies Says:

    robyn:finally she was plastic in person …….now shes a doll

  22. Ghessyka Says:

    queria aprender.

  23. catalina Says:


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