Katie’s evil twin Katrina Holmes.


Original Katie Holmes

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  1. blog.cualquiera.net Says:

    […] y no os perdáis la visión que tiene esta gente de Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan o nuestra querida Scarlett […]

  2. Digidave Says:

    Thats some nice work!!!

  3. afnan Says:

    you have skills!

  4. Lori Says:

    Great Halloween idea!

  5. Georgiauna Says:

    wow! thats pretty good actually! keep it up!

  6. The Tom Says:

    Your thetans will pay dearly for this perverted endeavor…

  7. Jose AlvarezCarbajal » Archivo » La gemela diabólica de Katie Holmes Says:

    […] El enlace: http://www.destinationcreation.com/informatives/?p=48 […]

  8. Jose3001 » Archivo » The evil twin of Katie Holmes Says:

    […] link: http://www.destinationcreation.com/informatives/?p=48 Etiquetas: PhotoshopPublicado en Humor […]

  9. The Bif Says:

    This is like a drink. Take a little Johnny Depp’s sister(from the Scissorhands movie), the Addams Family, and pick your fave zombie flick. Then, add your favorite female , dark-hair’d celeb, shake and ….Ta! Da!!! Oh , yeah. And add some Anthony Perkins victim.

  10. SexyLatina Says:

    That was soooooo good! I couldnt even done that! LOL! that was so funny! Really, you should do jennifer lopez, lindsay lohan, or mark anthony!

  11. Douglaas Says:

    very cool

  12. Tiffany Says:


  13. essie Says:

    katrina is awesome and a great idea 4 kate holmes 4 haloween

  14. Saif Says:

    Thats cool man!!

  15. katrina Says:

    heh, You used my name (katrina holmes.)
    anyways, looks cool :D

  16. Victoire Says:

    C’est très bien fait!!! Limite elle fait peur!!!

  17. Mendez Says:

    Wow It looks so cool and real

  18. Mendez Says:

    It looks so cool lol!!!!!!!!!

  19. aiva Says:

    it looks so cool D:

  20. aiva Says:

    cool D:

  21. catalina Says:


  22. Katrina Holmes | Destination Creation Originals | The Daily Zombie Says:

    […] Scoop.it – Zombie Mania Katie’s evil twin Katrina Holmes.Original Katie Holmes…Via www.destinationcreation.com This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← How the Zombies on […]

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