Taking into account that Homer is a pudgy, mid-30’s balding man, along with his basic facial attributes, ‘Reality’ Homer Simpson should be an accurate representation of how he would look in our world.

The final image was created with one source photo.


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72 Replies on “Reality Simpsons: If Homer Simpson were Real”

  1. DJ22 Says:

    scary… but pretty accurate I’d say!

  2. DanUK Says:

    that look like that yellow bloke from the simpsons

  3. Tempus Says:

    Spot on, aside from the eyes. They need to look more human and less Gollum like :) Top effort though.

  4. Pieter Says:


  5. smeagol Says:


  6. Dom Says:

    yeah thats a great pic of bruce willis ;)

  7. Moloth Says:

    Horrifying beyond all comprehension.

  8. dop421 Says:

    yeah ! bruce willis and golum mashup

  9. Sean Says:

    Mmmmm… My preeacious duff….

  10. jkillah1 Says:

    The eyes need to be worked on, they look a little freaky. Also, if you can’t read that it SAYS ITS HOMER SIMPSON, ur banned from the internet. Learn to read people, it says right at the top that it’s Homer DAMMIT!

  11. Paul Says:

    Nicely done.

    Twisted and sick, but nicely done.

    For part 2 of this article, you should ask a doctor to diagnose what ailments/diseases this person would have to have in order to look this way. Poor bastard.

  12. Little Jimmy Urine Says:

    “that look like that yellow bloke from the simpsons”… Amazing.. hahahaha

  13. FrankieBoy Says:

    Looks like Bruce Willis.

  14. scott Says:

    very very close but the eyes need to look a little more realistic.

  15. SubAtomic Spam Says:

    Looks just like Jeff Bezos

  16. alex Says:

    cute… put his lips back on too.

  17. Chris Done Says:

    The eyes creep me out. The eyes…

  18. Tony Cullen Says:

    That’s what I see in the morning mirror when I’ve a hangover, but a bit less normal.
    More red in the eyes there, and maybe a chicken wing stuck on the face.

  19. Eli Says:


  20. fdd Says:

    looks like bruce willis!

  21. F-Addicted Says:

    Looks just like my dad. Ha ha ha…

  22. Simpsons Episodes Says:

    ughh..he’s hedious.

  23. Bridget Says:

    now make the whole family

  24. Eric Draven Says:

    Whoa! Is that a picture of Gerald Ford?

  25. Cau Says:



  26. Fabio Andretta Says:

    ridiculo esse cara!!!

  27. Homer de verdade? « The past is only the future with the lights on Says:

    […] Um vídeo com todo esse tratamento de imagem está no site da empresa que criou essa maravilha: Destination Creation […]

  28. NicoFayet, le blog Says:

    A quoi ressemblerait Homer Simpson en vrai

    A ceci!

    The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

    Ca fait peur.

    Vu sur Destinationcreation

    technorati tags: homer simpson…

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  31. Melissa Says:

    if this is how homer would look if he was real, what about the other simpson family members?

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  36. Linson Chan Says:

    Is that …. DOH!

  37. Carletto Says:

    hum…. péssima apresentação…
    até eu que não sou profissional na computação gráfica faço melhor que isso…..

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  41. Motorcycle Guy Says:

    Wow, that’s really creepy lol. I guess its about accurate. Now I want to see an accurate bart or lisa to see what is actually going on with their jagged heads.

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    If Homer Simpson Was Real?!

    Ran over this cool blog post if Homer Simpson was real, how would he look like. Well wonder no more.


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  43. Jiraiya Says:

    yo man, nice…
    but him have one big head wowww
    bruce… hehehe

  44. Gallows Says:

    This made my cousin cry. I plan to never ever go to sping field, this is ****ing horrible

  45. Z0Rr0Thustra Says:

    This is hilarious, and pretty accurate.

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    […] Link a video de Homero […]

  47. Geovani Says:

    Very good. Where’s Mr. Burns????

  48. Co Says:


  49. dc Says:

    Thanks guys, for all the comments. Sorry for ‘freaking out’ so many viewers!

  50. elizabeth Says:

    las caras me paresen ridiculas

  51. shup Says:

    those eyes ar fxxxxx up!

  52. Os Simpsons reais at www.egermano.com Says:

    […] video de abertura : http://tv.terra.com.br/home.aspx?channel=100&play=1&contentid=128783 fonte : http://www.destinationcreation.com/informatives/?p=26 […]

  53. Lisa And Bart Simpsons Says:

    Lisa And Bart Simpsons

    I don’t agree with you in 100%, but you covered some good points regarding this topic

  54. Eric Says:



  55. Sandra-ew Says:

  56. maxi Says:

    nada que ver …….
    con que dibujar….?
    con el dedo grende del pie?

  57. Esses designers… « coffee pop Says:

    […] eu, viajando no google, casualmente procurando fotos do Hommer, e acabei descobrindo que o Destination Creation fez um “protótipo gráfico” de como seria o nosso tão querido Hommer Simpson na vida […]

  58. Kai Hutz Says:

    I’m a hardcore fan here and I’ve looking been looking at some other pictures like this and this is absolutely the worst because all the one I’ve seen were drew and not photoshoped. Here’s where you wen’t wrong there is supposed to be two hairs on Homer’s head and arond his ears. Also before you increased the pupil size you should of increased the eye size
    Worst Depiction Ever!!!!

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    […] to Destination Creation, we’ve a chance to take a look at the reality […]

  60. lhuv Says:

    Your work is marvelous!!o

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  62. simpson Says:


    12:00 PM


    LIKE I SAID NIGHTMERES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Alexandre Costa - From Brasil Says:

    Horrível !!

  64. Uber Fan Says:

    I’ve been reading about the issue with the simpsons and ‘bart’ promoting scientology. Was checking to see if anyone else had any comments on the ‘issue’. I don’t much like it myself, but also do not care to judge.

  65. jon Says:

    In part of the transition Homer looks a lot like Bruce Willis… Do I smell a movie deal?

  66. Kyra Says:

    Omg dont make him in real life he oks like a fucking monkey and gorilla n crack uuuugggg

  67. Kyra Says:

    omg he lokks funny and marge but dont put them in real life as a show because it would be funny but it would embarress ur company because to tellu the truth they look uglt homer looks like a monkey and gorilla on crack…

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  69. JD Says:

    That is probably what Bruce Willis would look like, if he were real

  70. webgid Says:

    Homer Simpson na vida real

  71. вася печкин Says:

    твой кролик грузится

  72. My Little Pony | Build a Bear Workshop Says:

    ai qui lindas

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