It’s no secret that the media pushes unrealistic and unhealthy ideals on women’s bodies. With critics declaring Britney as being too fat to Keira being too thin, you would think that someone such as Jennifer Love Hewitt would be cast as a happy and healthy median.

Unfortunately, most are still in the dark regarding the truth behind the images you see in magazines, on billboards and even on television.
This secret, hidden in plain sight, is an illusion that people must see past in order to understand that these images are portrayals of extreme ideals and rarely reflect reality.
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Adding dimension to a classic painting.
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Ted and the Zombie in their first feature, ‘Real or Fake’.
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The executives told us to scrap it. They said it would ruin our reputation. The effects department insisted it was impossible. They told us it couldn’t be done within our $225 million budget. We did it anyway. See the feature you never knew you were waiting for your entire life.
Prepare yourself for…
…Attack of the Killer Boob.
(Not safe for work due to depictions of a giant killer boob.)
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