De-Uglifying Celebrities


Hollywood continues to evolve into a full-blown circus. The clowns carrying out the never ending antics, while feeding the minds of gossip hounds are increasingly abandoning their traditional makeup for more drastic solutions. Today’s iconic beauties generally consist of airbrushed, photoshopped and washed out depictions that penetrate, invade and distort our natural notions of aesthetics.

When encountering similar sights of the ideal in the real world, you’ll be sure that many of the idols are supported in their stature by mounds of silicone. Driven by the seemingly crucial need to portray false perfection, more and more stars are morphing into the illusive results of creative, surgical hackery.

While cosmetic surgery can produce stunning results, their limitations are set by the extent of ugliness of the subject in question. Luckily, through the use of digital technology, we can present the following study that augments celebrities in a manner that exceeds the limitations of mere physical surgery.

Click on each celebrity to begin de-uglification.


Jay Z

Mr. Bean

Marc Anthony

Paris Hilton

Amy Winehouse

Original image sources via Celebrity-Exchange,, Mr. Bean’s Holiday (Universal)

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30 thoughts on “De-Uglifying Celebrities”

  1. Pretty cheap “De-Uglifying” technique, both Paris and Fergie look uglier instead of prettier. The same with the guys, excepting Mr. Bean, whatever it’s done with such a face will definitely look better than the original.

  2. Paris Hilton is a very pretty/slutty girl except for her squash shaped head. And when You fixed Rowan Atkinsin he looked quite handsome nice job.

  3. Jay Z is the only one that actually still looks like a relatively normal person. The others look vaguely surreal

  4. Does Amy Winehouse have a big glob of cocaine in her nose?

    Looks like it’s time for someone to go back to rehab.

  5. that is so good- it is such a social commentary of where our society is headed… you can only do so much to the human body through physical means but through the photoshop the possibilities are limitless.

    when you watch this don’t look at it like “ah you guys should be making them uglier” because it is satire and so much better this way. Women today will never be able to compete with this and men, because they see it in the media, will believe that these unattainable acts of “beauty” are attainable and so men will start finding average looking women ‘not their type’ until all they will do is jack off to altered images and human society is doomed because no one will make babies… except for mormons. (just kidding my best friend is mormon)

  6. Nice job although i don’t think Fergie looked that bad before hand. Oh and was that Rick Astley i saw in the Amy Winehouse one! ROFL Rick-rolled!

  7. de-uglyfying? you should call it shallowing-up! Seriously, the faces started to look weird after the transformation: no traits of character left in them, shallow doll faces! Now that’s ugly!

  8. I think it’s good!Whinehouse was just funny. Rowan was lookin’ good after it..! Except for his eyes, but a little PhotoShop would fix that!

    All in all awesome!! I liked it!

  9. Fergie didn’t look any prettier once you changed her- her face just looked to unnatural. And the same with Paris.. when you changed her she looked to unnatural

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