A time-lapse of a digital painting using Photoshop, depicting an eerie and surreal landscape.


13 Replies on “Mushroom Falls”

  1. Edward Says:

    the Mushroom Falls is a true piece of art.

  2. Robert Says:

    Make a download of this pic for a background and also make it a screensaver O_O

  3. Edward Says:

    Ya what Robert said.

  4. pv Says:

    You are a great artist no doubt about that and your creation is a master art. But it would be nice to make it as tutorial in you tube instead of a high speed running paint brush on highway.

    I did not get any idea what kind of brushes or tools you were using to create such an art. I did not mean to copy you but I wanted to know the tools to use.

  5. Edward Says:

    Ya what pv said and can you make it in real life and if yes then what tools or things you need.

  6. Katherine Says:

    This is SO amazing :) I love it
    It inspired me to draw again, by hand anyways :)
    And maybe you could give a download link or anything for the full image, please? I would love to have it in the right size to be able to use it as my background.

  7. Edward Says:

    Ya it is so amazing that you have to put it as your background and I would give a hundred smiley for this piece of art. :)

  8. Edward Says:

    Hey! I didnt know if you put a smiley on your post that it will make it look like a real smiley! :) :) :) XD

  9. Edward Says:

    Wait! what about the second smiley. :(

  10. Michael Says:

    Hey Dude make a download link, this Art is so amazing it seems so real, I would like it as Wallpaper,
    Im not very old but i think you can make money with things like the Mushroom Falls!
    Hope you can make a download…

  11. Michael Says:

    I think it would be cool if you design for Computer games, one of these little 2D worlds in a 3D Computer game!^^

  12. dc Says:

    Thanks Michael,
    Yes - I may add some high-res versions in the near future!

  13. Matthew Says:

    Great but the greennbackgroud bit at the beginning it looks like a green naked woman
    O O

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