Mona Lisa Zombie
A study depicting Mona Lisa as a Zombie.

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Mona Lisa as a Zombie

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8 Replies on “Mona Lisa, Undead”

  1. Patrick Says:

    She’s a beautiful lady as a zombie.

  2. danielzaiser91 Says:

    man you are such good artists :D

  3. dada Says:


  4. wilson Says:

    deseo hacer una prueba

  5. matias Says:

    es mui dibertido me gustaria aser uno

  6. laurine Says:

    quelle art je vous admirent je vous tirent mon chapeau vos peinture sont …je n’es pas les mots pour dire.

  7. catalina Says:

    la gioconda o mna lisa es un zombie nosabia que es un zombie tengan cuidadado

  8. yandisa Says:

    well she z beutiful indeed

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