Governor Sarah Palin, Zombified.

original Sarah Palin

12 Replies on “Pale-in: Sarah Palin Zombified”

  1. Downloadic Says:

    I my gosh, That is really like zombie !

  2. Downloadic Says:

    She is really like an evil!…

  3. bbachini Says:

    sarah palin is pretty

  4. lyly Says:



  5. Shobhit Says:

    Ohh Serious Stuff,palin is it really Hurtzz????

  6. Todd Says:

    (I stumbled on your site by accident - I know another Adnan Saleem).
    Anyway, here’s something for your zombie fix: a song I entered in Acid Planet’s 2008 original Halloween song contest. “She Used to be a MILF, Now She’s a Zombie”. Enjoy (Click PLAY SONG) on the right hand side. I may have had Sarah in mind when I wrote it :)

  7. visfxguy Says:

    ARGGGGHHH!!! Oh, my Lord! That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!!

    Oh, wait a minute… That’s the original.

  8. Heidi Says:

    Haaa!! I knew it!! lol

  9. Grrrrr Says:

    OMG! love the teeth

  10. Gothic_bug Says:

    Yeah this is what everyone’s gonna look like after Obama health care.

  11. elin Says:

    i can’t see any difference, sorry :/

  12. Juliah Zagar Says:

    haha Palin is ugly. and she is an idiot and i think she is a bee-otch. And definitly not anywhere near ready to become part of the U.S. government. I hope someone shoots HER while she is hunting. and better yet, maybe someone will harm her for being so uncaring to our nation. God doesnt like ugly! DONT VOTE FOR PALIN :D Barack and Michelle obama are so mature that when asked if they are hurt by what mean sh*t palin says, they say we care for our people and dont even talk about it. Palin is so IMMATURE she has something fuck3d up to say about everything that Barack or Michelle Obama says. She is an idiot.

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