Nikola Tesla, electrical engineer and scientist was best known for his extraordinary contributions to the development of electric power and electromagnetism. While some of his theories often seemed to nudge the line between science and wizardry, the apparent impossibilities of his reasoning were an illusion created by the lack of understanding of emerging technology in his time.

Although our technological capabilities have since come a long way, the fundamental science behind much of what we take for granted goes unexplained. This unawareness has become a comfortable state, justified by the convenience that technology brings us - which is the real illusion.

Today, our gadgetry and electronics rely on unseen forces as much as we rely on them. The following effect celebrates the wonders of natural science and the impossibilities made possible through man-made technology.

179 Replies on “Teleportation Effect Study - ‘Tesla’s Magnetic Wall Experiment’”

  1. Carlos Says:



  2. DRick Says:

    Interesting and VERY artistic!

  3. tyson Says:

    Don’t believe it’s real Carlos. That may be your problem.

  4. Bryant Says:

    Cute. I see SOMEONE just watched “The Prestige.”
    You could have done a much better job editing the hand teleportation to make it look real, though. The up hand’s movements did not match the down arm, also it came up way too far. I mean with your set up, the tips of the fingers wouldn’t have even come close to the top of the cup.

    However, something to consider for your next version. If you were to drop something into a hole in space that corresponded to a new location in space where, because of its reverse orientation, the force of gravity was made opposite, the object would fall into the hole, and then respectively back out of it in an oscillatory fashion. Eventually air resistance would slow it to a halt where it would lay with its center of gravity aligned with the y-location of the hole. In other words, if you through something in the hole, it would come right back out with an almost equal force, and the cycle would continue until it slowed to a halt, half in the hole and half out.

    Oooh, another thing to consider, if matter can transverse the hole through both ways (and it must be able to if you were able to get your hand back) then light waves would have to as well. So, when you looked down through the metal loop, you would be looking up at yourself through the metal cup.

    Oh but wait, if electromagnetic waves could transverse the loop, so could gravitational waves. I’m not even going to try to imagine what would happen.

  5. Bowcatz Says:

    I think I now know what happens to the socks when they are put in the electric dryer. Some get “teleported”. Somewhere there is a stainless steel thermos bottle full of old socks.

    Did you ever hear the blonde joke about the blonde and the thermos. Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. you know.

    Nice trick, btw.

  6. marco Says:

    that’s quite funny.

  7. ET Girl Says:

    Fascinating. Too bad it’s not exactly real. As lead representative of the ET Teenage Mimickers, I’m interested in science and the study of wormholes, etc. This is most certainly a work of art. It isn’t perfect, but it is exceptional. Thank you for sharing this. It is a very unique demonstration.

  8. Victoria Earl Says:

    WOW - no way would I have put my hand in there - I need all of my fingers!!
    What if they got lost in time??
    Anyway, I’m impressed.

  9. Allan Says:

    April 20, 2007
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    A great piece of work! Well done!


  10. Sarah Says:

    Very cool, i enjoyed this alot. You have done great work!

  11. Earthrock Says:


  12. harry L. Says:


  13. Scott Houdek(Orion105) Says:

    WOW!, now that was a HYPERDIMENSIONAL ‘magic’ trick, Richard C. Hoagland should see this, unless someone else expose (discover it)?!
    I’ll bet Nikola Tesla is smiling grin like chester cat!.
    it looks simple but it can be dangerious!.
    Thank you!.

  14. Dick French Says:

    I have spent years in scientific research, some associated with Tesla’s patents. You have either demonstrated one of his known effects, or created a spectular hoax. I’m not sure which. You belong in a well funded labratory or on the Las Vegas Stage. Congratulations!
    Dick French PhD

  15. TravisTy Says:

    You should try this on a much larger scale. big 6 foot ring car batteries and a stainless steel refrigerator.

    People would think your a god or something, Like they consider Chris Angel and David Blaine.

  16. Arfy Says:

    Carlos Carlos Carlos…

  17. DarkLaw Says:

    Okay, I really thought the effect was well displayed and you did a great job, but please - next time, place a warning on the video. It isn’t REAL.
    It is just an example of what COULD happen or what is theorized.

    For Carlos and Dick French, PhD - take a moment to thank the gods that you have not accidently walked into traffic and died already. You’ve done a great and similarly amazing job at staying alive this long even with your lack of brain cells and common sense.

  18. Yuri Amatnieks Says:

    The camera hovered over the stainless steel container to show it was empty. Why not leave a second camera aimed at the inside of the stainless steel receptacle so that the viewer could see the items as they are transported and re-appear in “real time”? I thought so! Cute trick…

  19. Joe Rotello Says:

    Those a bit older among us (I am 56) will recognize that the old Outer Limits program of many years ago ran an episode that I believe was based on this Tesla effect. That old episode regarded transportation, as I recall, into another dimension, or the reality was left to our imaginations.

    Both now and in the coming years, I believe we will all come to realize how advanced that Tesla was, and how his being essentially ignored many years ago set humanity back 100 years…

    What we should have pursued so long ago is just now bearing Tesla’s fruit.

  20. T Dooley Says:

    Something so simple, and basic, would have been exploited to the max years ago, and if in fact the demonstration were true (which it‘s not), why wouldn’t we be teleporting ourselves through the telephone lines by now, and not be wasting our time burning hydrocarbons to get from place to place. Nice fake photography though, you do have a future, Spielberg could use someone like you in Hollywood.

  21. Macmiep Says:

    This is nonsense. Every one who has ever heard of Quantum physics knows this. Just Google on ‘Werner Heisenberg’ and his principle of uncertaincy.

  22. Thomas Says:

    Nice Illusion

  23. Calvin Yaussi Says:

    Add some gin & tonic and we’ll have a little party, YEAH BOYYYY!!

  24. Skeptical Says:

    Very nicely done with the exception of one fatal flaw. The sequence of the egg, pen and lemon emerging from the stainless steel cup does not match the physics shown by the emerging egg and hand. Think about it.

  25. Jim Comegys Says:

    Dude! That was just great!

    Now how about a simple discussion of just what that was and don’t forget to throw in enough equations so it can be replicated. I especially liked the fingers popping out of the stainless steel cocktail shaker, but would like to know what it does to something small and living, say a cockroach or mouse. Also, what is the time lag or time acceleration? Do you have the means to measure the time it takes to transport, has anyone tried this at an appreciable distance?

    Anyhow, thanks. That was terrific! Jim C

  26. Thomas Says:

    There ARE no equations to throw in.. it’s all camera trickery, folks.

  27. Bill Says:

    Grow up Calvin

  28. Jamey Says:

    Do a google for “chronovisor” this is a time machine that has been around for awhile it is in rome and its real you can not travel yourself rather view the period in which you are interested.

  29. Carl Says:

    Clearly what we have here is a video in sequence to make up what we saw. If teleportation is real I wont be around to see it happen. The advance technology behind it ,is just to much for our society to comprehend, but then again the government probobly has allready mastered some of the advanced technology and if u want proof look at the b52 bomber and its secret creation in the test area of Area 51. well the vid was cool to say the least…thankx for the visions

  30. Scott - VA Says:

    Didn’t Art do a piece, a few years ago, on a guy from Missouri who tried the same thing with an industrial power distribution coil and was instantly vaporized by the EM field arcing through his body. Teleportation involves complementary spin states. If a right hand goes through the hoop, a left hand should exit the thermos. Nice try.

  31. Orionsbow Says:

    To: “Dick”, PhD
    If you’ll go back to the beginning of the description of the video you will see the words “Teleportation Effect Study”, implying that what we would be seeing would be an “effect”, an example of something SUGGESTED by Tesla’s “work” not neccesarily an actual experiment with documentable results. I am significantly surprised that a learned individual, such as yourself, would have missed that. Further, I am rather concerned that you’ve managed to acquire a PhD if you truly hold the opinion that Tesla’s rantings and elaborate demonstrations concerning teleportation, the “death ray”, “thought camera”, and “earthquake machine” were anything other than sideshow tomfoolery. He even theorized about anti-gravity aircraft and “force fields”. While holding hundreds of patents and, admittedly, making a considerable contribution to the field of electrical engineering, much of his later work was simply a misguided effort to disprove established scientific principles regarding electrical conductivity and electromagnetic fields which mainly served to undermine his earlier scientific credentials. Most contemporary researchers consider Tesla nothing more than a footnote.

  32. AMir Says:

    Maybe if this could be done through cell phone technology… All I would have to do is connect the little ring to the phone USB input and turn it on. On the other end would be the missed loved one or wife. Talk about ‘Reach out and touch someone’. AT&T would be the GOD of phone companies! They would charge you $3.25 per minute to be with yr wife. Hey and how about cheaters? You go to a restaurant with your lady and she excuses herself to go to the ladies room, but she doesen’t come out for a about 30 minutes. Hmm???? How about looking through the ring just to have someone else let you see the movies they are seeing at the movie theatre without even paying for it! LOL How about Area 51? Wouldn’t that be cool? Just put the ring at the end of the camera lens and record yr favorite alien autopsy. And many many more!!! Lets ask LESKO! :D On the other hand, if this is real, then we are already being watched and heard through televisions. : [

  33. devin Says:

    interesting indeed

  34. Tricky Says:

    Hmmmm. The possibilities are endless!

    I could put the cocktail shaker in the fridge next to the PBR, and the martini glass teleporter next to the LazyBoy. Exxxxcccceeellleeennnnttt!1!1

    Or, I can put the shaker next to my gf’s hoohaa and and stick my wowoweewaa through the electrified hoop earing. Yessss!

  35. slipperypete Says:

    brilliant! and almost as enjoyable as the video was reading the responses?
    many true mysteries in the universe and not a one can be answered

  36. Richard Says:

    There’s a sucker born every minute… but I’m not one of them. I don’t believe such technology exists or ever existed. The stories you hear about similar things done in the past are usually lies to cover questionable govt acts or experiments gone bad, etc.. And if anything like this does come into existance, I think it would be done partly through sorcery and secretly by a govt agency or special group.

  37. The Immortal Says:

    Hey Guys….Lighten up…. Real or fake? You have to admit it`s “GOOD STUFF”.
    It got all of you to respond….Anything that can stimulate people to think outside the box, should be welcomed. I really enjoyed this video and look forward to seeing more like it. Whoever is responsible for this film….I thank you for making it. I know it will keep my friends and family amused and baffled for many years to come.

  38. cavemen Says:

    thank uuu very amuzed can you call my wife ….. and make her pooof

  39. believer Says:

    whoever says this is fake is wrong and stupid. this is totally real. i mean think about it. it was something tesla researched and this guy found it and recreated it! plus you can just tell that its real and that its not fake. i’ve set up my own experiment and i almost have gotten it to work!

  40. Richard Says:

    And believer you can take your bs back to the mental hospital. Yea this is a neet video, which shows what kind of trickery you can do with multimedia. It’s like taking a snap shot of a cloud and altering it so it looks like a face. Let’s get real people; if you want to believe this stuff, fine by me, I don’t really care if you believe in lies or not. What I do care is about is the intent of the video. Is it to to be like “believer” or is it to have fun with a theory? And like other people stated before, if such a thing were so simple to do and create, it would have been years ago and largely exploited. I’m not a debunker, but I will debunk obvious bs that some people buy into.

  41. alienadam Says:


  42. D Freeman Says:

    Amazing!!! Not so much the concept of it all (yet it is thought provoking for sure) but the fact that in this day and age someone can conceptualize an idea - think a process through… create a production acquired through study of not only basic electrical theory but human awareness and “pull off” something thought provoking - hats off to ya! Indeed if nothing else you have done an actual service to those that viewed your productionas it is a reminder of many things…. 1) Things are not as they seem. 2) What a man or woman may concieve within the mind may very well be evidence that such actually exists inside and outside of this 3D construct. 3) Yes there is a world that exists separate from the activity of ones thumbs interacting with the gameboy’ and lastly 4) You can do the coolest sh_t with cameras!

  43. TJVA Says:

    While I agree with those who say the actual motion and reality are not exactly right, this is the kind of thing that needs to be made more often. The video is obviously “trick photography”, but the fact that someone understood the basics of the theory enough to VISUALIZE it is fantastic. Its like when someone tells you how to make origami and you just don’t “get it” until you see someone make it. Whether it makes it seem like more of a reality or more of a farsical idea, we’ve all watched it and compared it against our current knowledge and are smarter for having done so.

    Nice work. Someone spending time doing something other than watching TV … THAT’S amazing!

  44. Jess Says:

    WOW! Thanks for the “Heads up”. With a few modifications to your experiment, I have been able to reproduce the effect several times over. It’s thrilling! I’m going to try liquids next! Wish me luck!

  45. Stask the Vulcan Says:

    To arrive at any other conclusion besides FAKERY is highly illogical. One merely needs to observe the sequence following the “Electromagnetic burn” warning to see the camera tricks at work. Focus on the lemon in the lower portion of the screen. It appears to be undulating wildly. This cannot occur under normal conditions. Focus on the lower left corner and you will observe the tabletop displaying some strange flashing characteristic. Then, focus on the area just under the ring as the subject places his hand with the egg above the ring. Again, on the wall, the flashing effect of stop motion animation, perhaps? Also, the absence of a good reflection on the table of the falling objects is a mistake only an amateur filmographer would make. Conclusion…FAKE. Live long, and prosper.

  46. Matt Blythe Says:

    It does not take someone with a PhD to see this is SHAM. However similar components with a specific resonant frequency can create anti-gravity, or rather their own gravitational fields independent of earth’s. Nice effect though. Nothing to do with Light.

  47. Matt Blythe Says:

    I am interested to wonder why you think two AA batteries would cause something falling through their field to dematerialise and teletransport to another dimension…can you do the same thing without wires…?

  48. Matt Blythe Says:

    Hey Orion “thought cameras” are on their way! Sometimes you need to undo the old system to allow the new to emerge and establish itself. Science is nothing more than a reflection of an accepted set of beliefs, change those beliefs and you change the world.

  49. James Mathen Says:

    Holy crap….. i tried it, it doesn’t work as well as it does in this video but it works!!!!! i think it depends on the quality of the wire. I bought my AM loop antenna from Dick Smith for about $15 but my did it with his that came with a Sony 800W system- perfect. Unbelievable…. why can’t scientists do this on a bigger scale??

  50. Teresa Adams Says:

    Please tell me where I can get a 4 or 5″ stainless steel ring like you used. I’ve searched everywhere.

  51. Ped Says:

    If you pause the video when he is droppingth lemon you will see the lemon disappear before it goes through the ring! It is a clipped video trick. Cool though!

  52. Bill Says:

    Why don’t you stand behind the device when you perform the experiment??

  53. wolvenheart Says:

    what was the point of that, im a ferm beliver of the effects of time travel and quatum phisics, teleportation and all the rest of it but that demonstration was pointless it was so fake try doing it all in one motion next time so we can watch you put the items in the damn cup it was pathetic or better yet build it bigger and throw the camera in it whilst its recording and show us that or bigger still and throw yourself in it.

  54. Smith Says:

    Nice video. I’ve done this many a time for my kids via video.

  55. cheese Says:

    wow. you really got some people out there p*ssed!

    i mean seriously folks. this is really cool. it’s not like they’re saying “there’s no god”. geez.

    it seems to me that the video is for entertainment value, not “this is the way things ARE”. and i guess that anyone who thinks it’s not just for entertainment is an idiot. no need to rip the creator a new one. gawd!!! can’t you nincompoops just say, “hey, that was neat”?


  56. Ya motha Says:

    Well it was cool and I believed it until I saw the green screen stuff and a reflection of the cup on the table… it was awkward and honestly… why would 2 batteries do all those things when 2 batteries can’t even power a portable CD player??? COME ON!!!! Think these things through guys… think these things through… *shakes head*

  57. Mundus Paz Says:

    this is just a response to someone on here who left a comment about “how exploited this would be if it were real by now and why wouldnt we be using it for teleportation instead of burning all the gas”

    even though this is fake, still, when something is teleported, it is completely disassembled, cell by cell, and then re assembled ….. the person that came out of the other side wouldn’t be you…..your soul/persona/mind/whatever, wouldn’t be inside that body, it would have been destroyed and moved on to another something or someone somewhere, and a clone of you walking out of the other side, exactly like you except in personality. They may be able to act the same if they wanted to…but certainly, there would be a completely different soul in that body.

  58. ron Says:

    nice trick pity not real. one day will will understand how telsa’s stuff realy works a great benefit to mankind.

  59. Don Says:

    Holy Christ, I hope that there are just a lot of smart-asses leaving the “it’s real” comments. If these people actually believe this is legit, then I’m scared for the world.

  60. Nick Says:

    i broke a dozen eggs! I had to make an omlet!

  61. AudioInklined Says:

    It is quite clear in the beginning where the author/creator of this “experiment” stated that the “video is an effect STUDY only” which basically tells you without outright TELLING YOU that this video was for entertainment purposes only children! damn you vultures calm down! it was F’ing amazing, and there is absolutely scientific merit behind the idea and concept, which should be watering your minds to grow and maybe implement the science behind the smoke and mirrors instead of trying to smash through them to sneak a peak at the man behind the curtain..

  62. Ilusionalistjon Says:

    ok ok… that was so fake i cant believe u even tried.. ok for all those half-wits that think he just transported an egg, sharpie, and plastic egg, i’m about to tell you what he just did.. ok so he started everything and made it look complicated then he showed you everything and showed u inside the cup and arround everywhere then he stopped the film, added a mirror between the 2 cups so it will look like nothing is there, then he added an extra egg, sharpie and plastic egg to the cup, lastly he added some kind of cussion to keep it quiet behind the mirror so u wouldnt here it then up went ” the effect ” sign now he has mirror set up and items in the cup so now he puts up the egg and drops it behin the mirror and lands on the cussion and does it again with the other stuff lastly he takes all the items out of the cup! see there isnt any teleportation to this at all just an illusion NICE WORK STUPID

  63. AudioInklined Says:

    Hey Ilusionistjon, what about when he put his time delayed hand back through the other side of the cup?? how does your logical mind solve that one?
    when the amazing astonishes simple minds
    and logic is pulled away from clawing grasps
    what is one left with?

  64. AGU Says:

    I dont beilive that was real. But I really beilive in the concept. There are lots of stuff going around we can understand such as “randomantes”, people who can find water underground reserves with sticks and energy (I’ve seen that). So maybe if we open our minds a bit and try to see we will understand some of this misterious concepts. There is nothing to loose, this world is already ***ed up!

  65. Digidave Says:

    Static camera plate shots… The oldest and cheapest of movie effects

  66. Qubix Says:

    You’re all Funny!!
    Nice work on the trick tho. (could have done a better job with the hand “in the ring” and “out of the shaker” synchro) but nice effort.

    Can’t believe some of you are trying to argue actual theory on teleportation when none of you have a clue.

    To the Tesla detractor (Orionsbow), you are the least inteligent here.
    What is publicaly available of Tesla’s work is only the tip of the iceburg. If you do a little history reasearch, you will find, most of his work was confiscated by the U.S. Govenrment after his death and sealed from public view and study.
    I agree with Joe Rotello, that we have been set back, but I believe more than a hundred years.

    BTW… he was dropping the items in a beaker of liquid, if you watch it full screen you can see the light reflections on the table and a drop of liquid on the bottom of the egg when he pulls it out.

  67. baratas, the cockroach Says:

    Muito bom o vídeo. Ilusionismo.
    Very good. Congratulations.
    Saúde e paz!

  68. Globalstomp Says:

    Since Rf waves travel at the speed of light there should not be any delay it should be instantaneous. A great trick though.

  69. Steve Says:

    So if there is really anyone who has made this work..Please let me know for I want to believe there is some amazing concepts out there that do work…heres my e mail sinister_stevel@hotmail.com …Thanks…Steve

  70. BearDog Says:

    Three reasons it didn’t work and you thus had to use digital video gimickry:
    1. You forgot to connect the trans-dimensional morgrifyer.
    2. You MUST wind the metal coil with a caduceus coil using #20 solid silver wire.
    3. The broadcast antenna must be tank tuned with a high-quality standard capacitor to resonate at exactly 38.675 kiloHertz square waves.

  71. David Says:

    No offense but that was the funniest fake video I have ever seen, HAHA!

  72. Chimi Says:

    That is some good editing with final cut, but not that much about physics. Looks like someone just saw The Prestige.
    There is some work about teletransportion, it can be done, but so far the only thing that you can transport is the structure of matter, not really matter. We aren’t really that advance in science to be able to use all of Einstein’s Eq. So far no one has been able to shrink space keeping time costant…

  73. silvio Says:

    mirror between the 2 cups

  74. kiran Says:

    can u please send me how it works i needs a feedback

  75. TESLA Says:

    wery wery fake !!!!

  76. SK Says:

    What is Neodymium magnet???

  77. Jaedom Hexen Says:

    I have over 200 copies of Tesla’s patents and have not seen one with an effect or even a name with magnetic or light wall theories attached to them and havn’t to this day found them on the web. unless they are super rare, furthermore if the subject was searched as much as I would suspect it would show up along with this clip in the top ten searches. If there is such a theory would somone please post the information on how and where to find it. PS: the video was a novice work of art and should be viewed as such because it followed a rule of illusion (the camera was set in a stationary location not to prove but to hide the actual event of what would be the horizon or hole where the object would travel, if it was to prove an effect the camera would be handheld and would show the effect from above instead of cuting the view across to hide somthing.

  78. amate Says:

    Do you know how to teleport a Playstation 2 CD to PC’s DVD-ROM?

    I’ve done it but unfortunately I forgot the pattern… I wish I had screenshot it before I deleted it.

    If you know… please let me know.

  79. amate Says:


    Do both the DVD-ROM and Playstation 2 unit has Neodymium magnet? Because both of them reads a CD.

    I just like to know how I just did teleport a PS2 CD from a Playstation 2 to PC’s DVD-ROM or vice-versa. And would like to know if you know this process.

  80. PhysicsPhan Says:

    Wow. Anyone here who’s study or even glanced over physics (especially quantum mechanics and atomic physics) knows this is fake. Yes, it’s an illusion and I admit I didn’t know exactly how he did it. Good job on the effects, but it’s obvious this isn’t real…and I really sincerely hope these people who say they’re earnestly trying it are kidding. Otherwise, I’ve lost all faith in humanity. Lol. Btw, Tesla’s earthquake machine WOULD work…but it’d have to be building sized with a massive undulating rod…annnnnnnd, who the f*** knows the frequency of a city? No one. Lol.

  81. Dylan O'Ceallaigh Says:

    Are the people commenting on this fake or just daft? Teleporttion has only ever been achieved with the most sophisticated devices by brilliant scientists on the smallest of scales, not to mention that the performance itself was obviously fake, though still entertaining.

  82. DagVesely Says:

    Yeah, the problem is that this effect is excutable in middle europe ONLY, due to the heavy earth-magnetic field. That’s something the video does not say…

  83. sumanth Says:

    i also want to do it but what is AM loop antenna and where i can get it? and what is neodymium magnet and where this also i can get? is it i can use 1.5v AA size battary?

  84. Jess Says:

    Hey does this even work i dont want to waste time for nothing trying to set it up i need proof that it works!?

  85. For Sham! TAPS En Vacance « The Ouija Board Says:

    […] The three peons vanish magically from their chairs. TM: They have discovered teleportation. Someone has been studying Tesla! […]

  86. Common Sense Says:

    This is a wonderful piece of fiction. None of this is real because a true scientist or anyone trying to prove that this is real would have placed his hand under the ring after dropping things in just to prove that the film wasn’t faked in any way like throwing a time stopped image in place and editing around it. With things like CGI and Green screening its amazing that people forget to look at shadows. Anyone who pretends to make something like and cuts the film instead of doing a continuous recording is editing and faking it sorry to all that believe this or want to believe this but it is just fake.

    To the person who did this video if you want to convince this viewer you will have to prove that shadows were not altered, that its 1 continuous shot of film, that your hand is filmed doing a circle around and under and over the ring and that something is placed under the ring on the table balanced on the edge of a cup. so that you could blow it off with your breath or perhaps the object falling through your ring of teleportation.

    Till then its a wonderfully edited video reeking of the decaying remains of a male bovines meal forcefully ejected from its rear.

    Thank you and good night.

  87. Dr.Arse Says:

    That was wonderful piece of illusion….

  88. DagVesely Says:

    No it’s real, it works

  89. nick Says:

    hahahah come one, it cóuldn´t work like that, it´s needed a lot of high quality equipment and energy in order to teleport just littles particles of matter, so This video is just a crap illusion…

  90. rando Says:

    Your all idiots its completely fake. Im glad bryant picked up on all those things i noticed.

  91. Shorrty Says:

    I LOL, the replies are f’n brilliant, had me in stiches, crying.
    Cheers for vid.
    nub’s are funny.

  92. GovEmp Says:

    YES!!! We need a goverment grant worth a TRILLON dollars (better spent on science than some sort of Bank disappearing act). You could get the ring from SG1, their not using it anymore, WOW!!!

  93. Blackcat Says:

    Ok u were tell a lot about those interesting fact of teleportation use that equpment but dear friend if you are claming that would be teleportation then i would say that it was excellent editing in your computer ok …. then why didnot our scintist sisting at those respected position claming that it could be done.

    But friend it was interesting to sees it iwould accept what Brayant said .
    Any way I wish you to find real truth and keep on trying your friend

  94. zavire Says:

    you should lower a camera into it

  95. Jackson Says:

    Piace of cake!

    When he finish the supose “Tesla Eletromagnetic Teleporter” he take the overview of the gadget what divide the video in 3 takes. A real magic dont need more than 1 take. But the takes are intended. That is the key of the trick!

    Listen atention in two moments. The images “before” and “after” the overview. Perhaps the shadow of left glass mysteriously disapear in the after overview. Well, i supose between the glasses have a pannel blocking the view with a wall textured to hide the fall off objects.

    The dude put similar objets into stainless steel before start record.

    And the hand what u see emerging from the stainless steel with the ball is another dude under the table. Somes rehearsal and 2 trained chimps can do that perfectly!!!

  96. faby Says:


  97. poor Says:

    of course its fake, are u guys morons?

  98. GunDude Says:

    That’s a optic illusion … It can’t be !

  99. laly Says:

    que truko tan idiota dios mio

  100. sigi Says:

    hey boys, maybe Tesla has do it on 1940´s (his last years) but forget about getting that data. US goverment takes all his papers when he dies, u can verify that on the web.

    Think about it, is the ONLY scientist on history that need to be declared “TOP SECRET” by “US goverment”.

    Tesla’s greatest work was about FREE ENERGY from the vacuum (Where all the electromagnetic energy comes in first place) or the existence of Aether or in more modern words “Dark Energy”.

    If the “REAL world goverment” wants all the polution in the world can be stopped and all the needs of energy of all the mankind can be fullfilled, just giving that info to the people.

    That “REAL world goverment” is the same one that makes the BIG 911 fraud.

    So OPEN your eyes, if one of u takes the time to do this experiment maybe it will be a better idea to dedicate that time to make free energy devices. U can find instructions about on Isohunt.com searching “Free Energy” “Tesla” and so like.

    I have made some experiments and they are real, u can harness the energy from the environment, water cars, fuelless heaters, electrical generators and perpetual motion machines are real!

    The “real world goverment” are the people that writes the laws of phisics to tell u that these machines are imposibles because that machines are againts the “Status quo” they plant on this planet.

    YEAH this is like a real Matrix!!!

    Think about a magnet it never dies! so where the energy is comming from? where all the enormous energy of a lightning is comming from on the first place?(dont be fooled with a charged cloud!)

    U can find a litle reference about it here:

    So u see it is true, the biggest scientist in all history is telling u the true!

    Anybody knows Einstein and almost nobody knows Tesla and Einstein says the aether dont exist on the theory of relativity, think about it…

    If they stills tesla´s work I BELIEVE in TESLA!

  101. angel curiá Says:

    I have seen this experiment performed by someone who did the same.
    He blew it the two first times but secceeded (before my very eyes right beside him) and the principle works. Yours however is mimicry, where are the shadows of hand and objects when he puts them in?
    I believe in Tesla and now experiments are being done in Arizona which confirm that the principle works.

  102. LEROY PEA Says:

    Can’t stop laughing! Great magic trick.

  103. Sunee Says:

    super.it is true

  104. Sunee Says:

    super iwant to perform in science fare

  105. lolatCarlos Says:

    ROFLMFAO - do u believe this Carlos??

  106. jimmyboy Says:

    man it’s a wonder that all these at home inventors have so easily created a teleportation device out of items we can all find at home! This is very VERY exciting! It’s a wonder that this technology isn’t more mainstream though. You’d think that all those millions of other smart people with money would’ve implemented this idea into society already. All i can say is I am stunned and look forward to seeing this technology become available in my city! Thank you for bringing us out of the dark ages and into the future! *cough*

  107. sanjeev Says:

    fake ….and i found out how to do fake this… just arrange mirrors in hex shape and in the middle there should be a gap …

  108. imon Says:

    This has Tesla’s basics statments:
    What I see, it could be or not to be at the same time; with my eyes I see that desapear but my mind see that it do not.
    Movment doesn’t exists; only things are existing and unexisting continusly.(cuantic)
    Things doesn’t exists, only atoms groups performing and changing presentations.
    The only real things are vibrations.

  109. zam mohd Says:

    It does not make sense..but worth trying. This can be a break trough in the teleportation in the future years to come.
    Should this is genuine, the aeronautical multi trillion dollars industires will be at stakes of extinctions.

  110. Jim Says:

    Are you for real?… Your a FAKE!.. I’ll bet you $10K that you can not do that in front of me.

  111. Farabi Says:

    I red all of the comments on the video.I can easily prove it wrong.

    no. 1. U see the hand is going down and the fingers are coming out first from the stainless steel glass. so as the white ball was put first it was suppose to be on top of the other things. But what we see?… The lemon came out first… sequence does not say that

    no. 2. If there is a magnetic field needed to create, there must be an electricity flow occurred. here… the wires were not connected directly, so how could we expect electricity flow (even batteries are connected at negative pole with both of the wires )? Through air?.. it would only happen by Thunder Bolt at very very high voltage and through vacuum under certain pressure.

    and no. 3. If this was possible, all housewives would made couple of these things and hide them in the kitchen to teleport all cockroaches into a stainless steel chamber. Trust me.. one could be rich overnight by selling this things.

    I wish one day we will be able to teleport things one place to another in real. I dislike long journeys.



  113. Ing. Bernard Farrugia Says:

    TESLA was the greatest modern inventor the world had seen. This video is complete bullshit! LOL. Although with today’s theories and known science teletransportation is still impossible to achieve, one would need a vast energy to go somewhere near and not just a couple of batteries and an AM antenna loop.

    With the above setup nothing really can happen!!! It is just bullshit!!!

  114. gonses Says:

    no es real primero si el tele trasportara mitad de su mano seria como cortarla abría mucha sangre y huesos expuesto y eso dolería demasiado y cuando mete s mano en“el transportador´´ no coordina sus movimientos

  115. Dave Says:

    This is no fake!! The only thing is you have to pay about $60 for the right neodymium magnet. Along with the right magnet, a special light ($30 at Wallmart )positioned at the right angle.

  116. John Frost Says:

    Tesla’s discoveries were sabotaged by JP Morgan to favor his Oil projects.
    However thanks to Tesla we know the Sun is our Battery just go harness the electricity and become a billionaire!

  117. A.J. Federowicz Says:

    For those who claim Tesla was a spoofer & violating established scientific laws / OPINIONS. AT testla’s time, the then budding E.E. schools were just forming.
    J.P. Morgan bought out a bunch of scientists, and offered/outright forced the Universities of that era to
    very carfully lobotomize their curriculums. 100 years later we find our countries capital all gone or in undergroud bunkers to preserves the uber-elite class…
    Too bad for the new world order, because the first people those things they are barganing for time with will do is kill off the leaders :)

  118. A.J. Federowicz Says:

    wake up RAPTOR sys-ops ! Those vile things you are dealing with UNDERGROUND are in no way showing you their best / current tech. DO YOU GUYS SELL YOUR BEST TECH. TO N.KOREA, CHIN / RUSSIA ?

    You need everyone involved if you’re going to win this war against those degenerate beings…

  119. A.J. Federowicz Says:

    Looks like Tesla also found the
    cooper pair of the photon :)

  120. Kostas=Alien Says:

    That real? If it that real i wont to try it beacuse in our world the hibztson we try to make the same think but to much big and it gone wrong and all the town go into hall!

    Please answer mi…

  121. Dominicus Says:

    Why ridiculos? this ofcourse is a fake pic, how ever teleportation is a fact, not like in StarTrek were the bodies are desintegrated, but like in Satrgate. It is done by entering the fifth dimension, look up in youtube for any video that explains dimensions so you’ll understand. But yes, it is real, its been done since 1970’s using Tesla’s work and if you look for the info in Youtube or the internet, youll find out.

  122. ega20361 Says:

    para su tiempo estaba muy adelantado, ya que la mayoria de los inventos que el patento, nos ayudan al confort de la vida cotidiana. sin mas nikola tesla para mi ver y entender es el genio que ha tenido la humanidad con la mente mas brillante de la historia de nuestros tiempos gracias a el tenemos muchas comodidades y tecnologia.

  123. ega20361 Says:

    y en relacion a los experimentos que el llevo a cabo al que hacen relacion de teletransportacion en el experimento filadelfia; tiene logica ya que somos materia y energia e esta se puede transportar de unas coordenadas a otras en un flash

  124. pan Says:


    can anyone who suceeded with the experiment give me some advice: peter_switzerland2000@yahoo.com

    your help is greatly appreciated.

  125. Chris Says:

    It is not clear to me how the batteries are connected. As shown, it looks like only the negative terminal on one battery is connected to one end of the AM coil in one glass, and only one negative terminal is connected to the other battery in the other glass. Just how is this supposed to make a complete circuit? At best you show some creative v ideographic tricks, but not much real science, and to top it off, you use the guise as it coming from Tesla. Come now, I am no fool and you are fooling no one.

  126. Steve Says:

    I know what you were doing with that hand before you stuck it through the coil.

  127. Ad Says:

    Well i build one my self. It worked. I hanged my willy in it and it disapeared. When i got it back two days later i couldnt get it stiff anymore. Because of the aging proces willy is now about my dads age, 94….Is there any reversing method. Switching the battery’s polarity p.a.?? My wife is very angry with me and so is the woman two nextdoor.. Her husband was very cheerful this morning.

  128. matt Says:

    @Bryant I love how you pretend to know how the universe works, the light thing is close though, if light could go through it it would be a mirror, but the rebound would work inversly and become invisible to humans and cameras alike, and gravity would work the same on both sides which could make a loophole or what you said, if they both faced up, but uf you through something in backwards it would launch oit the other hole barely affected by gravity, but also subcumbs to wind sheer, so your theory fits a ball moving through at a mile a minute but a bullet defies gravity fir a fair distance, you are thinking along the right lines, this vid is fake but the prospect it valid till someone makes a perfect hole.

  129. Phantom Lady Says:

    lamentablemente uno de los mejores inventos de tesla a sido dejado en el olvido…electricidad inalambrica y gratuita..se imaginan…pero claro eso no le conviene a las compañias electricas, termoelectricas, hidroelectricas y los grande sdueños de estas empresas

  130. mikhail Says:

    it’s not real but that don’t make tesla wrong you did a mistak if want to real do it put 4 batrries and do not use the metal ring beause the wavs will be only in betwean the ring and the most important you do not do it on a table

  131. Robert Kent Says:

    Where’s the tutorial?

  132. Matt Says:

    OMG, is there really that many stupid people who believe this is real ? You don’t even need any education in physics to recognize that it is fake. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE

  133. satya ibrahim Says:

    saya tidak bisa membayangkan, bila Nicola tesla melihat pertunjukan anda…… so far so good.

  134. satya ibrahim Says:

    tapi bagaimanapun juga anda bisa membuat nicola tesla tersenyum dan terbahak-bahak di alam sana. intinya anda bisa membuat dunia tersenyum. good job.

  135. lokijn Says:

    I succeeded, my cat disappeared, where do I look for him?

  136. joey Says:

    i tried and it didn’t work so if it is real how dos it work

  137. Me or the Devil Says:

    Ar u fuckin kiddin me? This is a fake, shit! Can u believe in Einstein´s theory of relativity, or jesus christ? No, it´s only theory. And this video I watch, I think only this: Motherfuckin fake, crucifix!

  138. IN2IT Says:

    We all know that teleportation IS REAL and man you had me goin there for a bit… but the hand in the glass…
    naaaahhh. This lovely kick in the pants/wake up call reminds me: The dream of accessing TESLA’S reality is alive and well among us. THAT means it’s ONLY a matter of TIME./? ♥

  139. Vorian Says:

    You know the government teaches some bullshit, when uni students are taught hydroxy is impossible.

  140. Mr. J.A. Ward Says:

    It’s a CGI makeup of a phenomenon observed by Tesla that, when he shorted the anode and cathode of submarine batteries, objects (such as a wrench) “dissappeared.” This was later (purportedly) included into the Philadelphia Experiment with known misalignment of the molecules and atoms due to atomic imperfections in the Tesla Coils when the ship “re-appeared.” How do I know all this ? Because I’m a time-travelling alien, of course…

  141. Mr. J.A. Ward Says:

    By the way, the experiment was so arranged that no human contact was required. Do not attempt to connect the terminals on a battery as it may result in shock/fire or damage to the battery which could result in a fire at a later period… Zaa out…

  142. Mr. J.A. Ward Says:

    Strangely though, the teleportation effect uses DC, whilst Tesla Coils generate AC. Very high voltage, low current, high frequency AC to be exact. Perhaps nanobots can build an atomically perfect mechanism and the technology can be perfected. Like we have here on Zorg…

  143. portun81 Says:

    This is interesting because we are trying to find out why we are getting a strange effect in our plasma chamber. We do PVD coating with DC bias and RF plasma. When we introduce an electromagnet via an S gun we seem to make the parts on the plating platform shift position by 180 degrees with no physical interaction by any of our devices.We also have AC bias tyhrough the plasma by the evaporated metals used to plate the parts. The parts are on a metal tray which become part of the RF/DC antenna and when the evaporators start streaming ionized metal at the parts we turned on the S gun (DC sputtering gun with a 3″ Al target) and began streaming oppositley charged ionized Al at the parts. We got a huge upsurge in power through the RF antenna which arced in a 1MW flash (per the scope it went off the screen almost straight up, per the RF meter it maxed at 999 W)) and stopped due to the breakers all tripping and when we took the parts out they were plated on one side but had shifted 180 degrees from their orientation when we put them in the chamber. They went in facing left and came out moved in a mirror image position facing right. We repeated this twice more. The parts are made of stainless steel and the metals are proprietary but nothing unusual for us to plate with. I stopped doing this as I didn’t want to risk buring out any equipment but this was odd. The S-gun has permanent and electromagnets that sweep the target in a predetermined pattern which sends magnetic lobes around the target to in effect disintegrate the metal and send ions to the parts to be plated. No otyher platers I know of use an S gun like we tried but surely someone has done this before. Any ideas?

  144. mehak Says:

    i just luuuurved it…!!! i just hope its not fake…

  145. Van Jasper Rollamas Says:

    what are the materials

  146. mon Says:

    What maybe the effect of this?? can someone tell?

  147. Tom Metts Says:

    Very well executed videography. Well researched and thought out. I don’t know how well you will fare in physics and the other applied sciences, but you definately have a future in the film industry. kudos to you!

  148. Yannis Says:

    So is it real or not? I bought the items and tried but nothing happened

  149. Buster Says:

    You know if you set it up like that … then when you drop the egg …. it will have to come back up on the same side of the portal or your portal is in no out =)) second though …. you’ll lose your hand if that portal is only in lol

  150. elmendalerenda Says:

    Y una Mierda !!!!!
    Y Yo cojiendo el metro y el autobus

  151. Bryant the one that has that as a first name Says:

    I’ll have to see it in person myself to believe it.

  152. Minecrafter1065 Says:

    I highly doubt this is real however i will attempt it and create video either proving or disproving it… If it works this could be usefull in sending crap to and from my room to somewhere else

  153. Geronimo Says:

    I know this works. I tried it. And to anyone who tried doing this and succeded but lost what he put in - If you want to get it back, it only takes reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, something which I hope you know to do, because it’s fairly simple.

  154. jen Says:

    I thought it was a very interesting illusion. Facts are that the “invisible cloak” hasn’t even been mastered yet and is a lot more complicated. The army is seeking ways of blending into their backgrounds so the enemy can’t see them. If this event were actually true I could rob a bank and they would not even see my hand reach into the drawer LOL. Tesla was a great thinker and inventor. You are a very good illusionist.

  155. jake risley Says:

    is it right that the teleport send the object as an electical viston and out but a vition

  156. Gabriel Says:

    Now having to grab the egg with his left arm, will truly complete the teleportation mystery. Bright idea!

  157. mikko Says:

    my friend’s going to try doing this

  158. jp Says:

    Ok..wich side(N or S) of the magnets on the(-neg)side of the batteries??

  159. Shannon Stovell, Bermuda Islands Says:

    Hi there folks.
    I think that this can work provided that you record the setup and the production (teleportation) on the same film or video recorder at that time or as seen above. Additionally, keep in mind the 33* angle of the camera. ++++ Try it again!!!!!

  160. Shannon Stovell, Bermuda Islands Says:

    Another note to keep in mind is the fact that the crystal glasses are made of quartz glass so reference the atomic numbering structure for precision quality and most of all check my remarks on line 159 and shuffle your cards carefully wizards!!

  161. Anonymous Human Says:

    there goes my faith in humanity…

  162. kostas Says:

    is it real
    YES OR NO ????????????

  163. darshanik Says:

    it is the wonderfull creation. but it is a hoax because if you want an object to teleport it should travel from one place to another within no time in the above video the hand is at one place and palm is at other place it is wrong. the correct procedure to teleport is to create electromagnetic tunnel and any object should travel in it within no time i have a brilliant theory based on this teleportation if you want to know it or discuss with me post your views


    ¿pero como podeis ser tan ingenuos?

    Es falso por varios motivos, los objetos que caen al anillo poseen una velocidad, si nada mas pasar el anillo se teletransportaran al otro lado gracias a la energía cinética acumulada estos deberian de sobresalir del cuenco de metal un poquito para volver a caer otra vez por la gravedad y se debería de notar alguna sacudida en el cuenco, otra evidencia es que la profundidad de la mano en el anillo no se corresponde con la del cuenco cuando sobresale, en fin..sois unos ingenuos victimas de efectos especiales convencionales.

  165. sergio Says:

    sorry it bothers but I tried it
    I tried it and the objects disappeared I did everything as it was there but then when I went to the stainless steel container was not there anything
    you could explain what happened please.

  166. Shazni Says:

    Well, all people have different advantage. Like me, I have flying skate that I modify it by my own hands but I only using it at night so people can’t notice. Believe it or not. Open this, ” flying girl in Russia ” in YouTube. Remember, I’m not forcing you to believe it.

  167. Schtromar Says:

    Just carefully watch the video…

    Dont you guys see the glass or something under the ‘input portal’? It’s meant to be invisible, i guess. The camera is still all the time during the telepprtation, so we coudn’t see it.the arm in the 1st portal is not moving like the 2nd one, and its probably the hole in the table trick. FAKE FAKE FAKE

  168. Pete Says:

    C’mon guys. Doesn’t anyone even notice the category at the top “Animation and video” ? Not saying that its not possible theoretically but this is obviously a video demonstration of the principle.

  169. oiadd Says:

    there’s no concrete basis for the illusion.. otherwords, it’s so fake that i can’t grasp any merrit involved with what’s shown

  170. physicgurl Says:

    I want to believe it…but I think I don’t have to…LOL it is not true there is magic in science but with explanations not this one:)

  171. Mike Says:

    I was hoping for a more explicit description of how to build it, I’m willing to try to build it. thanks for another of one of Tesla’s amazing inventions!!!

  172. The Smoking Gun! Says:

    People…please… expand your minds and research the truth all the truth of this amazing world we live in. Although I will agree Nikola Tesla was an exceptional and highly intuitive thinker, his electrical power generation or “Free energy” was not invented BY him, he was only inspired to bring back out of the closet, after 1,000’s of years the same technology used by ancient Egyptians.

    If anyone put any real effort into researching all the known facts about the pyramids, they would recognize that his setup at Wardenclyffe Tower uses the same basic elements as the pyramids. But credit is still due since the presence of the aquifers was only discovered rather recently, meanwhile he managed to apply it successfully, so one must wonder, if there IS reincarnation as “The Present” On the truth contest dot com website seems to try to prove based on dry logic, then he might REMEMBER or utilized the “conscious field” that is present everywhere to tap into those memories, since most everything we know is claimed to die with our organic bodies, even though the soul persists and grows spiritually.

    There is a LOT that can be achieved when people collectively cooperate, and disallow centralized governments from depicting personal policies, or strangling people’s intellect through the abuse of similar technologies passed down through specific blood lines that originate in Sumer, (the Euphrates valley)and migrated out to Babylon Egypt and beyond after the initial creation of earth humans.

    For the record, teleportation of matter is entirely possible and has been proven by physics, albeit highly underplayed and mostly stifled for not being aligned with the Ruling class’ plans.

    However, if those incapable or cooperating with their brothers and sisters do not begin to show any hopes of getting along with everyone else on the planet, then they will doom us all back to the stone age, literally, and are the only thing holding back our further evolving because they are incapable or unconditional love, and this is a requirement by the creator of all things, look around you and do research and it will become quite obvious.

    If you are close so such people, please TRY to appeal to them to read a book, and learn the truth about the world we live in and what other people are about, so that we can ALL live in happy abundance, and no longer live as slaves to the 1% who care not what the cost to us is for their personal pleasures…and THEY need the help more than anyone, but only if we become a unified front can they be made to see with their own eyes instead of the false ideals inserted into their minds. (putting it delicately LOL)

    Peace, Love, and Light, to all!

  173. jeff Says:

    Hey i tried it and IT WORKS! One BIG problem! I put my Goldfish in and dont know where it went!! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

  174. mark from China Says:

    oh my !such a incridable experiment .you must from out space.

  175. Paul D Says:

    I love it. It’s thought provoking. I think Science needs to do more to show its wonders to the public. It’s mainly beyond us experimentally with our current technology afaik, but cool relativistic effects can be shown!! Inspirational. Thank you.

  176. Mark I Says:

    Even if it’s a trick, it’s still a good one. I didn’t notice any editing, (except the fast forwarding, would have been better if it was played out in realtime).

  177. Q-Ball Says:


  178. Stewart Messineo Says:

    This will be a terrific site, would you be involved in doing an interview regarding how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

  179. bobby Says:

    Very sad but impossible

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