Vanessa Hudgens’ Magic Kinkdom


Sex scandals are as old as Hollywood itself. For the most part, these incidences seem to benefit the celebrities by increased exposure. But what happens when a star associated with a company such as Disney gets in on the action?

As you can see from the image below, no matter how virtuous the company or seemingly innocent the star, nobody can resist cashing in.

vanessa anne hudgens nude sculpture

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78 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens’ Magic Kinkdom”

  1. heyyo i went there! it was alot of fun, tho i would admit my new husband of 18 years [[heehe]] got sidetracked..! =]

    lol jk but we think all this drama has to stop! she was just tring to have alittle fun and ur all spoiling it sall. it just seems ev.body in the entertaimment indusrty and such [[limelight]] has to ba a miss goody two shoes! i mean, wtf..


  2. Um, I think that people who post on this site and any other site shouldn’t just type and be done, they should check what the heck they are typing after they type it…

    and about this vanessa thing.. she’s hot.. why not make something like this about her to spark the imaginations of men around the world? lol

  3. Why is she a slut when she’s trying to send her boyfriend (and that’s Zac Efron, right?) nude pics?

  4. People are soooooooooooo worng wit their comments and these pictures . I bet on anything she’s a sweet girl and someone just did it just to do it. TAHT WAS DUMB!!!!

    (No I don’t think she’s a slutor a hoe)

  5. ewwww. shes an effin whore. hahaha. i think its funny that she has like no carreer now. wow. it sucks that shes such a fraud and that ppl fell for her good girl act. shes a whore.

  6. i dont understand why this has spread into such a rediculous “scandal”. its just a bunch of idiots mooching off of one innocent pic. the pic is the only thing i have ever heard was actually her fault, she apologized for it, Disney sided with her, and that was supposed to be the end of it. but now you hear about all these new pics and scandals because of the one pic. shes a lesbian, shes a slut, shes a whore. thats probably the most ignorant things i can imagine people to say. you have to realize thats its all of you that are posting these photoshop created pics and rumors, and posting all the hate for her because of all the photoshop created pics and rumors, which could inadvertantly cause her career to be ruined only because of the reputation that was made of her, not by her actual reputation.
    but i guess when you think about it, all celebrities are there for is for us to probe for scandal, especially the innocent ones.
    Hey! lets ruin Natalie Portman next, maybe Hayden Panetteire, or Hillary Duff. hey, theres that sex scandal with Miley Cirus, lets start talkin about how much of a whore she is. are you getting bored of Britney? you need a new face to ridicule? what is wrong with you people? i just dont understand

  7. first she is well hot i would love to do her one.
    and sorry n she stilll has a carear she is doing a movie and getting millions for it so that not too bad
    and once more she is fit if u say she isent u gay or jealous of her body

  8. just leave her alone already its sad she lost her career she justed wanted to have fun with her bf!!!!!!!!! Its not her fault they got on the web. And maybe there fake pics have u ever thought bout that!!!!!!!!! Shit man just leave her alone already I think she is a good person

  9. Okay, I admit, I was upset by this sex scandal, and I really have lost some respect fro Vanessa, but I still adore and I feel that it wasn’t her fault that this picture got loose. She was just trying to have some private fun with Zac, what’s wrong with that? Some idiots just upset her mail.

  10. go to and type in the search “vanessa anne hudgens naked” and you’ll find the pic.

  11. well well what do we have here, (Vanessa Hudgens) I feel srry for her, i mean who would of thougth. I wonder whats your her parents thinking? This sucks for her and me, her carear ended with one flick of picture. I always wanted to see her in real life

  12. man all u ppl stop being so nosey sure hav a look at the pics if ur interested bt dnt go calling ppl names and potos to ur bf or gf dnt make u a slut or a whore ive dun it loads to my gfs in the past

  13. ok u u guys u dont no her so dont call her thses stuff because she is a person just like us and stuff happened and like i still like her because she is like the best and u should to

  14. I would like to point out that a slut is a person who sleeps with multiple people, anyone, anywhere. Vanessa can in no way be a slut just for having nude photos of herself taken, its not like the pics are of her screwing some random guy…..and since when is dinsey not about sex??? do people forget ALL THE MANY sex-related ‘easter eggs’ in dinsey movies? the little mermaid movie cover with the penis on it, the word sex in the clouds in pocahantus (sp?), or how about in aladin when aladin is telling the tiger “nice kitty, down girl” he also says “take off your clothes”.

  15. sAd tO saY
    thE picTureS aRe reAL..
    sHe aLreAdY
    aDmIttEd iT…
    aNd sHes reAlly sOrrY abOuT thAt….
    aNd thaT picS sHoulD noT be in pUblic..
    sHe saId thaT thoSe piCs arE privaTe
    shE’s reALLy nOt the oNe hU
    puT it iN weBsitEs….

    anD F.Y.I!!
    -V- is nOt a sLuT!!!

  16. Dudes dont u kow that reposting this your adding to everything just read it and leave it be its her life let her ruin it her self u losers!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is sooo stupid…. i agree with ashley… give her a break… yall r so mean to ppl.
    u guys are the rudest ppl ever… esp. those who put this pic on here. it is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and u who said she is hot? U R SOOO GAY AND STUPID… no offense or anything but come on!!!!!!!!
    she is not a slut or a hoe or whatever.. she is a sweet girl and i am sure she is very disappointed in all of you who call her these bad things. GOD IS VERY ASHAMED IN YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Give me a break from you guyz. She isn’t a slut. Boys like when his girl wanna do such things :D. That’s how a relationship is. I don’t think it’s wrong I send some pictures to my girlfriend and I’m 2 years yunger than her. So plz it’s quite normal to do that. I didn’t change my mind. I still think she’s a normal person with a carrier in acting

  19. Tiff, you’re an idiot! So its disneys fault vanessa took off her clothes and took pictures?!!? Theyre not easter eggs, that aladdin thing isnt even real! The few mistakes which wer in like 3 of the thousands of films theyve made were done by lone animators and were removed when discovered. Ure sick if u thin theyre trying to promote sex. They dont need it to sell their goods.

  20. u giyz its not fair lets give her a break y are u so mean she is a human like us, and everyone makes mistakes. u guyz shuld stop culin her names it isnt fair. dis is 2 vanessa: DONT THINK OF D PAST IT BRINGS TEARS, DONT THINK OF D FUTURE IT BRINGS FEARS BUT LIVE HERE IN D PRESENT CUZ IT WILL ALWAYS MAKE U HAPPY. FROM ME

  21. wtf … no guy ever saw me naked at that age, besides my father would killme… where is hers?!!!!???!! way too young for a girl to be posing nude for her boyfriend to see. sooo wrong in my eyes, but whores are becoming younger and younger these days!

  22. my bf and i have been together for 6 years, i am 22 years old, and never once have i ever taken a nude pic of myself for my boyfriend to have/see…. of course some how its going to get out to someone!!! girls should have more self respect than that… where are these stars’ morals?!

  23. she a slut im gald i never liked her…..well now we know if ur boyfriends hitting on other girls don’t send him naked pic…

  24. this website is making this up
    this is a lie
    hehe the stupidity
    if u were a celebrity u would know because paparazzi always search for the worst
    and btw it ain’t wrong to send a nude photo to her boyfriend

  25. ur all morons. “some” of the pictures ore fake but two or three originals were real, you can tell by the red eye and the fact that she ADMITTED IT. but shes not a whore or ho or slut! at one time people would have been sluts for things like this but now younger (minors) are doing worse so LET IT GOOO

  26. You guys are all fucking retarted. Disney still supports her 100 percent. She hasen’t lost anything. The pictures are real as stated by a press release by Disney. Plus those pictures are not just on this site there everywhere. She is not a whore or a slut. She is just a women expressing good times with her boy friend. You Disney freaks make them out to be perfect angels. May I ad Britney Spears use to be a mousekateer. So ya you are all retarded.

  27. Those tits are fakes. A mouseketeer with silicone breats at her age does not sound so innocent to me either. She may not be a slut but I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up like Britney. Anyway, what’s a “slut” these days?

  28. Mira vannesa yo no creia q tu eras asi te creia como una muchacha mas seria q las demas … en verdad.. hazta pensaba ashley era mas brincona y no entiendo… la ganas de mostrar tu cuerpo al publico si tu sabes q admiran demasiado y ahora —– no—- espero q recapacites me imagino que la burla q te hacen es muy grande……..y te deves sentir y ademas de pueden votar de disney channel…. con eso… te digo—y eso q yo pensaba q ereas seria me arrepiento y sabes …no te voya admirar mas,.,.,.,., es pero q en mundo en q estas…te valla…

  29. onda ke ustedes no sabenn nadaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pasa ke esas fotos se las asco con la camara y cuando se las kiso mandar a zac, se confundio de mail!!
    eso es todo,no es ke ella keria publicarlasssssss!!!!!!!!!

  30. callense utede k ya utede saben k esa maldita estupida me robo mi novio, si yo se, zack efron era mi novio. yo era su ultima novia. bueno, solo te quiero decir esto, disfrutalo cuanto quieras, vengansa vendra

  31. I cannot believe the ignorance. Shes a slut because she sent her boyfriend pictures of herself… her boyfriend. Do you not understand that, or are you all ugly virgins who are jealous because you cannot get a boyfriend/girlfriend so you ridicule her? Shes adult enough to have a relationship, but you judge her as a slut because of some nude photos that someone stole and put on the net? You all must live in a cave where its forbidden to think about the opposite sex or what its like to have a significant other…Apparently some backward closet fags and envious, ugly, jealous cunts feel there backwards views of “not seeing anyone naked until marriage” are realistic, when in fact its hypocritical and ignorant. Grow up you losers, its a picture of her posing nude, thats it, and it was only meant for her boyfriend to see.

  32. Hey assholes that called her slut n all u all are pretty stupid to tink that way u know/?? These Pics are totally edited by some jackass larh! She wouldn’t have gone nude! I believe in her! Even if she really did take this nude pic, what has it gotta do wif u?? Its her personaly life stay outta it! Imagine if u were d one taking a nude pic and someone posts it worldwide without you knowing it? think la b4 typing such jackass comments! I totally agree to Darqwall i mean his/shes rite!! Sending a nude pic to her boyfriend whats wrong with that?? I think most(Not all) of u boys here that has a gf sure have attempted to ask their gf’s to go nude! So stop insulting her!! Stay away from her life! Its her life! Not urs! Ur own life oso cannot handle go insult other people’s life! Haiz.. So Don’t insult her anymore!! Vanessa I’ll support u!!

  33. Can I be the first to slide down the magic slide?
    Acually, for all you people saying this ruined her career, Disney re-signed her to the next movie a few weeks ago. She’s a millionaire, and she’s a normal human being. Everyone wants sex, from Vanessa to Britney to the cashier at Walmart.

  34. i aint know about chyall..but Vanessa is LA sluttyy. posin in nude for Zacc. Zacc aint even all dat(kay homiies)i hav a better body than dis gurl.. if she wants to pose nude….than get some LIPOsucktion…and anyway, this homegiirl needs to do all of us a favor and put some damn clothes on…I CALL HER A B*TCH

  35. i didnt kno she was like that…thats just wrong and disturbing!!! whats up with taking naked pictues?!?!?! EWWW!!! man thats gross…i am sooo sorry 2 say this but Vanessa h is a frekin Slut!!!!!!!
    nobody wants to see those ugly ass pictures!!!!

  36. Vanessa is s whore!!! vanessa is a slut…..thats just fucking dumb to do that crazy $hit!!!
    Vanessa, u aient got none and stop taking those f****** ugly ass pictues……neva mind….im just mad… sorry Vanessa….. try to b a good girl!

  37. You’re a dumb ass shit taking naughty pics for your partner makes you a whore & a slut now does it?? get the fuck outta here..that would make 90% of the world sluts & whores..last time i checked a slut & whore sleeps around with many different people not take naughty pics..i think all the people hating on Vanessa are jealous of her beauty & fine figure..if you wanna good body, go to the gym, shit.


  39. Disney should support this behaved they got never not too with the porn thier artist put out and the things they sneak into thier movies. Till they openly support this behavior I’m boycotting Disney.

  40. Lmao, everyone had been bitching about her for 2 years calling her a slut and a whore? Get a dictionary before you use such foul language like that. Vanessa Hudgens took photos of herself posing as ‘Naked’ with most probably a Mobile Phone and send it to her Boyfriend. Hackers are vicious people these days, they hacked her phone and then posted the picture on the Internet and half of you blab on saying “I can’t believe she posted it on the internet” Lmao! At least think about how many Pornography sites there are on the internet and she hasn’t acted whatsoever Dirty besides taking Photos. Think before you Message.

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