8 thoughts on “Familiar Regrets”

  1. Do not insult Islam and Quran!!! In the original girl read from Quran and you change it with a toilet!!!

  2. Thanks again for your response, Reza. Yes, Leighton did travel to Islamic countries at the time he created this painting. However, it is highly unlikely that the subject of the painting is a Muslim girl reading the Quran. The girl is obviously light-skinned and doesn’t have her hair covered, as she would if she were reading the Quran. During the colonial times of this painting, the upper class often used exotic objects from other countries and regions that were under European rule. The oriental rug (depicting animals, which is generally not depicted in Islamic tradition), the style of the wallpaper and the stand all suggest that the environment contains components from varying cultures. In the book on the stand, you can see a portion of the inside page, which hints at the corner of an image. Qurans are rarely, if ever, illustrated. Furthermore, any Islamic reference was the last thing on my mind when creating this piece.

  3. If you search for the background of the painting and it’s artist you will find out that the subject of painting without doubt is a Muslim little girl reading Quran. Lord Frederic Leighton traveled widely to Middle East and north of Africa and during these times, he involved with Islam culture. If it is not readable but obviously, it is a Quran. Besides this special reading desk or lectern called RAHLE in Muslims Culture and widely used for reading Quran. I have doubt a Western little girl use it for reading her fairy tale storybooks, etc. However thank you for concerning.

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