Dual Image Sculpture: Dancing Ladies, Presentation View


While most optical illusions are inherently flat, two dimensional images, they often create three dimensional visual effects. When translating illusions to three dimensions, most illusionary structures are limited to a single or narrow viewpoint to be effective.

The following is a sculpture that provides two images of two distinct objects, through a single form.

We presented a video of this shadow sculpture in the past, using it as a tool to present a visual riddle.

Below you can see this sculpture without any games or gimmicks and only as a piece of illusionary art. This presentation view shows how both images in the illusion can be presented simultaneously.

By projecting the silhouette of each image onto the screen, the illusion can be viewed at a variety of angles. The illusion is also visible from the rear where the revelation of the jumbled form, being the source of the images, only adds to the curiosity of the presentation.


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