A depiction of Mr. Burns, as he would appear in the real world, if he were to retain his sinister and ugly cartoon features. A continuation of the Reality Simpsons study.

mr_burns as a real person (in real life)

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12 Replies on “Reality Simpsons: Mr. Burns”

  1. nova Says:


  2. superfresh Says:

    What nightmares are made of.

  3. elldog Says:

    looks like a goblin

  4. bruno Says:

    No se como usarlo kiero crear pero nose donde meterme para empesar la creacion kien me ayuda??? :D porfavor ayudeme

  5. DwProd Says:

    What’s the song used?

  6. Mary Says:

    You should do one of Mr Burns starting with Michael Sandel, the Harvard law professor - he is what Mr Burns was modeled after by the original writers and animators of the Simpsons. Look him up on Google > Images. You’ll get a good laugh.

  7. tamaramutter Says:

    que feo…..:P :P :P…..la cara parese un sapallooo!!!!

  8. Gina Says:

    Como Puedo editar una foto asi?

  9. Random Says:

    Very good question - what is the tune being used here??

  10. Don Says:

    Hi Adnan. Can you actually identify the person in the original image, before his scary transformation into Mr. Burns? I’ve seen several web pages with this same person’s image, and there’s always someone different claiming to be that person you’ve shown. Weird! Thanks for any help.

  11. dc Says:

    Hi Don, all my Reality Simpsons models are carefully selected images from various stock imagery sites. Unfortunately I don’t know their personal identities, but have seen some of them before.

  12. giorgio Says:


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