Gagatar - Lady Gaga/Avatar Mash-up
If the most awesome performer ever, starred in the most awesome movie ever, you’d have Gagatar.
A mash-up of Lady Gaga and Avatar.

Gagatar - Lady Gaga/Avatar Mash-up

13 Replies on “Gagatar”

  1. sweetmamagirl Says:


    Doesn’t she ALREADY look like that?

  2. bruno Says:

    wow soo beautiful… even better than the real lady gaga… love you !!!

  3. steven Says:

    What the… o.O lol :)) she/he looks better :))

  4. Anisa, Annie Says:

    You guys shes cute the way she is and steven……. its a she dont trust rumors but if ya do call her a shemale not a he/she

  5. nicole Says:

    Steven you are so funny haha shemale

  6. adj97 Says:

    wow she could actually be an avatar lol x

  7. wander Says:

    dude u wud be more famous if u wud make tutorials for stuff like this. give us a hand we all wanna be like u :D

  8. seann Says:

    She’s [or its] in the same league as Justin Bieber though, an over-rated, over-done, plagirizing, rich for no reason caricature of music artists past!

  9. i i l y Says:

    It actually looks cute lol

  10. Jesenia Kombe Says:

    God save Gaga! (and Trey Songz!)

  11. Gabriella Says:

    I showed my little sister this and she ran away and cried

  12. Julia Says:

    Ma che sito si usa per farlo??

  13. katherin salvatierra banegas Says:

    uao es super fabuloso

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