Even zombies need a friend - or in this case, a fluffy, zombified fiend.


Original puppy:

5 Replies on “Zombie’s Best Fiend”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Really disgusting creeps me out

  2. kl Says:

    well cuuute =]

  3. VsideGirl88 Says:

    Awww I want a cool Dog like this! He’s so sweet, and I’ll bet he shows up already accustom to the taste of Flesh, won’t need to train him, like the last 2… LOL JK
    Its really cute tho!

  4. juan910627 Says:


  5. alina Says:

    SO CUTE !!!!!!
    better to say not scary its looks like a zombie dog but a kind i Love zombies ^^

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