See The Simpsons as Zombies

Our favorite family, zombified for your twisted enjoyment - retaining the style of the original characters.

The Simpsons, Undead.

Based on Mr. Groening’s original:
The Simpson Family

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Reality Simpsons: The Family
Reality Simpsons: The Family

6 Replies on “The Simpsons, Undead”

  1. Danish Says:

    Creepy! Maggie is the scariest

  2. Signoro Incognito Says:

    Tres cool.

  3. elldog Says:


  4. ines Says:

    comment au fait les motage stp

  5. Dennis Says:

    Where does that music come from?

  6. ¤$ùiopjhnm Says:

    Trop Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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