A timelapse presentation showing the process of digitally illustrating a cute and creepy bunny.
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Even zombies need a friend - or in this case, a fluffy, zombified fiend.
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While many of you are twisted enough to appreciate our creative explorations, believe it or not, there remain a few who are offended by them (especially since the release of ‘Attack of the Killer Boob‘). For those who prefer cute and cuddly over absurd and creepy, Buttons the Bear, an illustration using Photoshop, should deliver. For the rest of you, click on one of Buttons’ buttons.
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Why would there be just one Nessie?

The recent discovery with new supporting video footage of the famous Loch Ness Monster shouldn’t be such a surprise.

With so many new species being discovered everyday, what makes the existence of the Loch Ness ‘Monster’ so unbelievable?
Apes were the stuff of legend until relatively recently, and giant squid were seen as fairy tales up until a few decades ago.
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