The Reality Simpsons study continues, with Springfield’s friendliest neighbor. Depicting Ned Flanders as he would appear in the real world.
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A depiction of Mr. Burns, as he would appear in the real world, if he were to retain his sinister and ugly cartoon features. A continuation of the Reality Simpsons study.
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Family Guy as Zombies
Transforming the Griffin family into Zombies.
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See The Simpsons as Zombies

Our favorite family, zombified for your twisted enjoyment - retaining the style of the original characters.
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Homer Simpson’s Skull: Homer Under the Ink
The Simpsons, with their bulging eyes, huge overbites and unique anatomy, are obviously a species of their own. While we are familiar with their external appearance as illustrated for their on-screen cartoon environment, here’s a look at how a Simpsonoid skull would look in the real world, as compared to a human one.
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Presenting a possible epitaph for Homer Simpson when his lifestyle decides to catch up with him. See the full creation »