How not to find love online.
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The notoriously elusive Osama Bin Laden tries out a new (and unsuccessful) format for his latest video.
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The executives told us to scrap it. They said it would ruin our reputation. The effects department insisted it was impossible. They told us it couldn’t be done within our $225 million budget. We did it anyway. See the feature you never knew you were waiting for your entire life.
Prepare yourself for…
…Attack of the Killer Boob.
(Not safe for work due to depictions of a giant killer boob.)
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A 30 second stop motion animation study created with Post-It notes.
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Increasing technological advancement may have been providing us with increased entertainment, means for communication, tools for discovery and even life saving abilities. However, we must be weary of the natural balance, as the negative forces which we have been suppressing have already begun to fight back. Viruses are morphing into super-viruses, lakes and rivers are violently reclaiming their natural paths and animals are showing their strain from being harvested for generations.
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An interactive experiment in real time digital speech.
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