An illustration using ink and coloured pencil.
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American Idol, alienated. See the full creation »


The executives told us to scrap it. They said it would ruin our reputation. The effects department insisted it was impossible. They told us it couldn’t be done within our $225 million budget. We did it anyway. See the feature you never knew you were waiting for your entire life.
Prepare yourself for…
…Attack of the Killer Boob.
(Not safe for work due to depictions of a giant killer boob.)
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There are too many continuing accounts of the unexplained to ignore them all. This is one of my all time favourites. The police officers are a large factor in assessing its authenticity to some, but they can also be argued as being ‘stooges’, the oldest tools in trickery.

Many mysteries can be explained scientifically and others can even be replicated, as in this explanation of the Marfa Lights. Still, some mysteries continue to evade the most hardened skeptic’s ability to comprehend their origin or process on a rational level.

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An interactive experiment in real time digital speech.
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Apparently not all of them are here to frighten, abduct and probe us.
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