The Reality Simpsons study continues, with Springfield’s friendliest neighbor. Depicting Ned Flanders as he would appear in the real world.
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A depiction of Mr. Burns, as he would appear in the real world, if he were to retain his sinister and ugly cartoon features. A continuation of the Reality Simpsons study.
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The ‘Reality Simpsons’ world has proven to be a creepy one. What could be even more disturbing than the people of Reality Springfield? Their pets, of course. Here’s a step by step look into the development of the animals of Springfield, as they may appear in the real world (with Blinky the nuclear fish, as an added bonus).

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A few months ago, we released our first feature in our Reality Simpsons Study, depicting Homer as he would appear if he were a real person.

The purpose of this creative study was to find a happy median between the anatomical proportions of the cartoon characters and those of real human beings.

While some were intrigued, others were offended by the monstrosities resulting from our transformations of the entire family. However, everybody appeared to be creeped out, if not horrified by the ‘Simpsonoids’.
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What would the Simpsons look like if they were real people?

Keeping your feedback in mind from our original Homer study, along with the characteristics of the family members, the following presentation reveals how the entire family would look as real Simpsonoids.

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Taking into account that Homer is a pudgy, mid-30’s balding man, along with his basic facial attributes, ‘Reality’ Homer Simpson should be an accurate representation of how he would look in our world.
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