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Michael Jackson, Unplugged

Michael Jackson
What would Michael Jackson look like if he hadn’t opted to artificially augment his appearance? This creative study explores how he may have looked in such a scenario. In commemoration of a legend.

Michael Jackson

20 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, Unplugged”

  1. Samson stop being a bitch.
    Too bad MJ didn’t realize he was a very cute/good looking man. Yes, his nose was a little too big and I can understand why he got it done the first time. But he’s a handsome black guy.

  2. This “creation” of a possible Michael Jackson does not pay respect to the fact that he had vitiligo, which destroyed the pigmentation of his skin.

  3. That’s because if he really had vitiligo, it would have appeared as patches all over, not complete loss of color like someone who had their skin bleached.


  5. i dont care what nobody says about michael jackson he had vitiligoo and he was a handsom man regardless…i love him and he is the king of pop long live the king may u rest in peace micheal …and i will make sure to see u in heavan….rip..

  6. Dear Tiffany I see you dont open the internet much do you
    Michael Jackson while doing a Pepsi comertial something exploded and some substance got on his skin and he got ill. He could change black or white and since he was black he had to turn white and as for the nose not cuz it was big but cuz a bone in his nose broke badly and he had to operate it.

  7. Regardless if he was black, white or if his skin turned green- his worse disease was, he was a child molester. He was talented, yes, there’s no arguement there–however, he never grew up, instead he turned into a self indulgent weirdo and he went to all extremes to make himself look that way.

  8. My gosh BJD grow up.
    He was a normal and straight man with skin problems. Of course he was hidding those patches under make up.
    Anyway I have only one problem with this picture above. On the original pic he was only about 10? Why didn’t you use an image when he was 18 or 20. He still didn’t have any plastic surgery in those years as I know but at least he was an adult young man and not a child.

  9. Anisa, what the hell are you talking about? In 1984 during the Pepsi commercial shooting, his hair caught fire (pyrotechnic display malfunctioned). He didn’t ‘become ill’. His scalp was burned, but that has nothing to do with why his skin color has changed! He could change black or white, so he had to turn white? What? What?

    Nobody knows why he bleached his skin, my guess is he had a minor skin problem, maybe even the vitiligo he claimed, and went overboard the same way he did with the nose. The first surgery was probably justifiable, but not the number of surgeries he eventually had.

  10. I wish ppl would stop sayin he abused children. For one thing remember the strip search he was shy and he didnt want to do it so if he was acared to take his clothes off dnt u think he would be scared to take them off in front of a little boy. And plus he loves kids he wouldnt try to hurt them. I feel for ya mj miss u and love u even with the plastic surgury

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