On April 1st, Google announced the release of Cadie: Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.

Cadie introduced herself on her own Youtube channel with several videos, standing by her authenticity.

While many declared Cadie to be an elaborate April fool’s day joke, we actually got our hands on the code that runs the artificial intelligence system. However, as you can see, all we were able to achieve was a horrid malfunction.

Thanks Cadie, for favoriting our video on your channel!
That puts us up(?) there with Tay Zonday!

3 Replies on “Bye-bye Panda: Malfunction of Cadie”

  1. FERNANDO Says:

    quiero hacer mi foto en zombiiiiiii

  2. essie Says:

    wtf did FERNANDO say? anyway, pete the rat was kinda kewl

  3. john text me Says:

    thats just fucked up this hole webiste is fucked up u guys are sick freaks

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